Worship a Woman while She Bleeds

I am going to speak about a topic I have yet to touch base on and yet, it is such an important one! A type of worship I certainly hold close to My heart. This is a kind of worship I am not sure I EVER considered before becoming truly dominant. As I had, just like most woman, been conditioned to believe that during the time of menstration I was to be the “giver” of all things sexual, not the “receiver”. Close to 35 years of My life had gone by before I woke up from the fog of believing that for ONE WEEK out of every month, I could not be pleased sexually whether through oral sex or intercourse.
This is not to say I haven’t had sex while bleeding. But, who cares, anyone can clean up afterwards. But, even this, was few and far between. The surprising thought, us woman are conditioned to be ok with this and we barely mutter a word about it. Just like in some religions woman are not allowed to simply worship spiritually while bleeding.
Besides that, when we are bleeding, our bodies take a toll. I know at least for Me, I am 100% all woman. I have a very regular 28 day cycle and in these cycles I feel everything a woman feels just as she is supposed to feel it. When I have finished bleeding, I feel like a new girl, refreshed, skinny, renewed, full of life and energy. Two weeks in, I get horny, really horny and wet, super wet, and this happens when I go into My fertility cycle. After that, PMS – during these days I can be all over the place. Sometimes horny, sometimes emotionally fragile, sometimes wanting to go party a lot, sometimes wanting to watch a movie under the covers and hide from the world, other times hungry, or have intense cravings, or I could be so high in spirit I may fall off a cloud, and there is always the possibility that I may cut your throat with a knife. šŸ™‚ That is rare, I promise. But, truth is, the worse time to be weak in your service to a Queen is during her PMS especially a few days before She bleeds.
Then when I bleed, I am completely taken out of the game of life. My body puts a lot into bleeding, especially as I get older, so I sometimes simply can not get out of bed. I may have cramps, headaches, dizziness, and I just need to sleep it off. On top of that, it is very messy. My body bleeds! So there is really a bit of work and energy involved in getting through My first couple days of bleeding. And then it will begin to ease off and I will start to feel much better.
Recently, I found out that what I desire in My service actually changes through My cycle through each month. Catch Me right after bleeding and My time with a sub could turn to an intense session because I have a lot of energy to burn. During these times, whips or items of pain and torture are fun for Me. When I go into My fertility cycle, I tend to want more direct one on one sexual worship because I feel very horny and wet. Then going into My PMS, I couldn’t tell you how I feel…. it depends. I can get very aggressive but I can also get very soft and sweet, just desiring to be held and cuddled. During My PMS, it is hard to read how the worship of a Queen may go. This is what presents the challenge. You must always make Her worship, how she desires it, your priority as a submissive. During the fragile times during Her cycle, you need to listen! She may want sexual service or she may want to put you in a cage while she naps. You just need to be sensitive and aware of the cycle of what is truly a reality to each woman.
When a woman bleeds, it is a very powerful thing. It is the cycle of life, the bleeding a symbol, that month the woman will not bear a child. The red blood that streams from a woman’s vagina is the purest form of life and beauty. You can’t get any closer to the beautiful things a woman’s body does over a lifetime. In all reality, there is a strong form of expression in soaking your skin with this freshest form of spirit straight from the soul and body of a woman.
When you are submissive to a woman, then you are submissive to all things that make her a woman and that includes understanding her cycles, where she is in her cycle, and preparing for her bleeding each month with worship, devoted affection, and support even in her down times. It means, when her worship simply means rubbing her back because she doesn’t feel well from period cramps, then that is what you do! That’s it. You have no idea when a girl goes through a tough period what it means to have someone support her. In My previous relationships, I was really just told to go away until it was over. Well, if you do this – then you are asking a woman to go away for two weeks out of each month and that is half your time together. So, I suggest, you quickly learn to worship your Queen during all times of the month with an understanding that woman are creatures living within their cycles. Just like the moon has three phases each passing month, so do us woman. We have the three phases of menstruation and with that we also hold the power, just as the moon, the power to create waves on an ocean. A woman bleeding is a woman who needs to be worshipped wholeheartedly, no questions asked.
A menstruating woman should be considered sacred and powerful. Woman, during menstruation, have increased psychic abilities. Menstrual blood was a source of feminine strength and had the power to destroy enemies. It is believed a menstruating woman, who uncovers her body, can scare away hailstorms, whirlwinds and lightning. If she strips naked and walks around the field, caterpillars, worms and beetles fall off the ears of corn. Menstrual blood is especially dangerous to men’s power. If you add just a touch of menstruation blood to a fellow’s food right before he eats it, it is believed he will become obsessed with that Woman. Menstrual blood is used in the most powerful magic charms to both purify and destroy.
As far as menstruation blood, there is no middle place. A woman’s bleeding absolutely is one of the most powerful and pure physical tools we can use in the world of magic. And with this kind of worship, you are a willing participant instead of the man-eating a woman’s blood unknowingly in his food. Inside of the control from your Queen, meaning you dig right in there and choose to taste and swallow her blood yourself, there really is no better way to become completely obsessed with your Queen. And Her – obsessed with you as her submissive, for that matter. A woman knows, if a man is willingly swallowing the deepest parts of her, then he is absolutely all in with his female lead control and this becomes quite a turn on very quickly for your Queen.
The best way to worship during menstruation is no different from when she is not bleeding, with your tounge for long periods of time. Worship should be no different from normal and you should stay on schedule with your Mistress. Whether or not She is bleeding really is not relevant. You should be excited for a change of taste and color.
When you TRULY worship a woman, you must worship everything that makes her a Woman. This includes Her monthly cycle. You, the submissive man, is responsible for being the best in service to your Goddess. Keep track of her cycle so you know where she may be on a given day just so you can be a more sensitive submissive. Keeping track will allow you to track how many days she has in her normal cycle and this will help you know how to plan your service to her – being prepared for the day she has the most wonderful thing life has to offer us, a woman’s blood during her natural cycle.
I do have to tell you from My own personal view. I can’t think of anything more relaxing than a man going down on Me while I am bleeding or anything more erotic than a bloody mess from inhibitions during this part in My cycle. I can’t say I see the whole thing as “dirty” because it is just so beautiful. So what, you need new sheets, go get your Goddess some, clean her up before you clean yourself. šŸ™‚ Just a suggestion.
Mistress Lynne 2/25/14
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2 thoughts on “Worship a Woman while She Bleeds

  1. I have no problems worshipping a Mistress on her cycle. I have had the honour of that taste before. I was unsure the first time and I remember the only effect it had on me. I was serving a Mistress then and I was worshipping her orally for a lovely long time. I smile when I think of how soft my lips were after and what I did notice was how my lips felt tender. Later, I found out a woman’s pH changes during their period, they become a bit more acidic and they produce a benign bacteria much like what’s in yogurt. It was the pH that made my lips more sensitive but the effect made me smile because it reminded me that I pleased my Mistress.

    Curiousub68, and admirer

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