Worship of Goddess


The gathering of Mistresses from far and wide, meeting in secret to worship the divine feminine. While a man such as Artist-Slave (me) may presume that the Mistresses are worshiping the statue herself, this is not the case.

Set in marble, is the deity Ishtar (almost certainly the same Archetype as Isis, Aphrodite, Venus / Diana of other cultures). “Easter” (holiday) as well as “Esther” (name) are almost certainly derived from her name.
Mistresses in ancient Babylon, just as Mistresses today, worship the feminine-power within. It is not the statue or a long forgotten deity they praise. It is the subtle-grace and raw-strength which any Woman may tap into if given the means, motive, and opportunity.

Hail! Mistress Lynne and all Fair-Femmes of power.

Trembling in his sandals,
-Artist Slave

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5 thoughts on “Worship of Goddess

    • St.Yegg, thank you for the compliment. As you may be aware, I am Mistress Lynne’s Art-Slave! Considerations for other drawings may be directed to our Master, but I see no reason she would take issue with requests.
      -Artist Slave

  1. I would worship the Goddess of Mistress Lynne and all Her Goddess friends. I would bow down and wait humbly for all my tasks to be completed in a timely manner as commanded. My sweet Goddess Lynne, use Me – I worship you

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