Wonderful Night with Mistress Lynne

Thank you Mistress Lynne.
I would greet you at the door after work in my collar and cuffs and present you with my leash.. You would attach it to my cock piercing and lead me through to the sitting room where 2 glasses and an open bottle of wine are set out.. You would pour a glass of wine remove your shoes stocking and panties and have me rub your feet after which you tell me I may have some wine..
After 15 mins you take a bowl out of the kitchen place it next to your feet and pour some wine into it after refilling your own glass.. and tell me I may drink without touching the bowl with my hands. I gratefully lap at the wine while you watch me with a fond smile
You stroke my hair, watching the tv, as I lap my wine. After a while you pull on the leash and feel me flinch as the leash jerks on my cock.. You stand and pull me until I am standing in front of you.. You pull me to you and kiss me gently but insistently..
You feel my arms encircle you and press you to me, we continue to kiss for a minute.. But as you feel my cock harden you jerk on the leash again and hear my gasp of shock and pain..
“Down Baby Boy” you say to me.. I reply “Yes Mistress Lynne” and I kneel in front of you. You instruct me to remove your panties with my teeth and laugh at me as I struggle to pull them down..
When they are off you spread your legs and stand astride me- you pull on the leashadjusting my posture until my lips are centimeters from your lips between your legs.. “Baby Boy, make me cum- you have 5 minutes”
I lick, nuzzle and kiss your mound, your lips, your inner lips and your clit until I hear you begin to moan and feel your juices running over my chin and cheeks.. You press my whole face between your legs and grind against my mouth, nose, eyes.. All over. When you cum it is a torrent and it is beautiful. You cover me in your cum. I look up and you look stunning standing there- shaking slightly, eyes closed. I hear you say- ” took too long Baby Boy”.
You jerk on my leash again and lead me to the bedroom and tie me to the bed face down.. Blindfold me. I feel your fingers gently tracing my back, butt and down to my balls.. Then I gasp and moan as I feel your fist grab my balls and squeeze them hard..
When you let go I think I know what is coming as I hear a swish and a cool length of something gently press across my ass.. The first strike stings and I cry out despite knowing it was coming.. You tell me that this will hurt and that I am to take it because I know how much you enjoy doing this to me. I can only reply “Yes Mistress Lynne”
You begin and my cheeks turn slowly red.. You watch as my body begins to sweat, and I let out muffled cries at the harder strokes.. Slowly welts appear and you see my body shaking.
Bruises begin to appear and finally when the skin breaks a little you decide to stop.. You are completely aroused that the strong man you love has submitted to such pain for you..
When you untie me, my hands reach back to rub my bruised ass, you turn me over, remove the blindfold and pull me to you.. You kiss away the tears and cradle me as my pain and tears subside..
When I am recovered somewhat, you lie on the bed spread your legs and say to me “Baby Boy- lick until I tell you to stop. I don’t want to have to beat you again, so don’t slow down and don’t stop until I tell you.” I lick you until my lips are bruised, my jaw aches and my tongue is numb
After licking you for 30 mins or so you have had enough. You put a purple plug into my ass and fix it there with a pair if tight purple panties..
You tell me that tonight you need a good nights sleep and I must assemble my cage to sleep in tonight. It takes me 15 mins to take it out and put it together next to the bed. I place my blankets and pillow in the cage and step into it- you walk up to me and give me a long loving kiss..
“I love you Baby Boy. Now sleep quietly and sleep well.” I maneuver myself into the cage and you attach my cock leash to one of the bars so my cock stands up slightly from my body- I can feel your control over my cock the whole night and through the dildo in my ass I can feel your control of my ass..
As I hear you slide into bed and slowly fall asleep, I reflect on how lucky I am – a beautiful, dominant woman whom I love, loves me back, enjoys me, controls me, listens to me and takes pleasure in me.. It won’t be a comfortable night- but that’s a beautiful thought to hold into!
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