Will Mistress Lynne have use for me?

The dark cold concrete floor was cold, the shackles around my arms and legs dug deep into my flesh, I had been down here so long i didnt know what time of day it was. The small crack under the door was the only light i had. I hope MISTREE LYNNE would have use of me. I heard the door opened, the room filled with light, i was temporarily blinded as my eyes needed to adjust. I could hear the click of heels and it sent excitement down my spine, My eyes focused but i kept my head bowed as i know i am not allowed to look at MISTRESS LYNNE without permission.
A sudden whack across my back startled me. “Assume your position Slave” the chains rattled as i assumed a kneeling position. I stared directly down but noticed 2 pairs of boots before me. They walked a little further and i heard another whack as there was another slave chained up about 10 ft away. I heard the voice of MISTRESS LYNNE speak, “you see MISTRESS KIRA, this is where i keep the lowlifes, the 3 inchers” I heard laughter. “their good for nothing with their little cocks, almost useless as pets” HEr voice rose, “Say High to MISTRESS KIRA slaves” in stereo we responded, “hello MISTRESS KIRA” The boots appeared before me again. MISTREE LYNNE extended her boot in front of me, i bent down and kissed it. “stand up slave” i stood, head bowed, the women chuckled and The other voice spoke, “oh my thats quite pathetic as her gloved hand touched my cock” “Yes he should just be put out of his misery now but lets check the other one” i remained standing as they ridiculed the other slave.
They returned to me, MISTRESS LYNNE put her finger under my chin and raised my head up. I gazed upon the bueaty of the 2 MISTRESSES, “loser open your mouth” I obeyed, MISTRESS LYNNE spit right into it, she then glanced at MISTRESS KIRA and she followed suit. “now swallow loser” i did, “thank you MISTRESSES” “since your good for nothing but serving we need someone to serve us and do chores tonight” “i would be honored MISTRESS LYNNE” “Im sure you would” They walked back to the other slave, I looked straight ahead, im sure they put him through same treatment.
MISTRESS KIRA appeared before me, she looked me up and down, poked and prodded me, turned me around and bent me over, she smacked my ass a couple times. I thanked her “THANK YOU MISTRESS KIRA” she pushed me to floor, “get back on your knees where you belong.” I knelt. The ladies spoke amongst themselves, “so KIRA what do you think” “well LYNNE their both pretty pathetic and neither one deserves to be anywhere near us but this one seams more polite” I had no idea who she was reffering too. MISTRESS LYNNES boots appeared again. “looks like its your lucky day scumbag” a sudden excitement came over me as i bent down and began kissing her boots “thank you MISTRESS LYNNE, thank you” i moved slightly and kissed MISTRESS KIRAS boots also. SHE unlocked me and ordered me to crawl behind them.
I was led into the living room, my shackles removed, i was bent over a chair . i heard some rustling going on and then a hard whack with a riding crop across my ass. I jerked slightly “thank you MISTRESS” the whacks continued, i knew it was MISTRESS LYNNE since KIRA was seated smiling at my agony, she continued whacking, “you thought it was going to be easy slave, huh, this is just a reminder that you better be quick and obedient” WHACK “YES MISTRESS LYNNE” the beating stopped, MISTRESS walked to KIRA and handed her the crop. She rose and went behind me, running her hand through my hair on the way. She took her whacks and i thanked her for every one.
Both women now sat on couch and i quickly knelt, “now loser fetch us some wine and be quick about it” i rushed to obey. I returned quickly, MISTRESS LYNNE had something in her hand that she tossed at me, “im disgusted by that miniscule cock and i dont want to look at it put that on” It was an apron that covered it. “stand before me i want to see how it looks.” I stood, she kicked me right in the nuts i hunched over, she grabbed my hair and pulled me up “stop it, it cant hurt youve got nothing down there” “sorry MISTRESS LYNNE” she kicked me again, i did my best not to flinch but did slightly, she stood me up again. “i told you it dosent hurt do i make myself clear slave” “YES MISTRESS” the third and fourth kick i barely flinched. It was going to be a long night……………to be continued.
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