Why Mistress Lynne Deserves the Perfect sub stud slave

Mistress Lynne is attractive, intelligent, dominant and has a sharp sense of humour, a true Goddess. She has a large stable of slaves who worship and adore Her and who serve Her to a high level, a level that She demands. A Mistress, yes, but also a woman, a woman that needs satisfying the way a woman needs satisfying. Mistress prefers Her perfect sub stud slave to be well endowed and who would deny Her that requirement. Like others i may not fall into this category, but at the end of the day it’s what Mistress wants that’s important, Her happiness is paramount. I worship and adore Her She is an amazing Mistress, that’s why she deserves the perfect sub stud slave.
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3 thoughts on “Why Mistress Lynne Deserves the Perfect sub stud slave

  1. I agree!
    It is all about what Mistress wants, what Mistress needs and what will make Her happy

  2. well said Slave Secret. Mistress Lynne is amazing, She deserves a sub stud slave that is endowed, muscular, and meets her needs. Mistress Lynne’s happiness is paramount.

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