When Mistress gets home

When Mistress Gets Home
While Mistress is out running her errands my task is to think of what I can do to make You happy.
I go to your bedroom and lay out Your casual clothes for the day, tidying up Your room as I go. I dust, clean and arrange everything to Your liking.
I then go to the kitchen and begin to put together the evenings menu. I check the wines, so I know what I can pair with each course. I had overheard Mistress invite two of her friends for dinner, so I want to make it it a special dinner.
After I do all of the prep work in the kitchen I decide that maybe I should do something else to once again prove my devotion to my Mistress.
I rummage through the closet and find, for what I am looking, a long piece of red ribbon. I hold an end of the ribbon in each hand. At mid point, I loop it under my scrotum and gently tie up my testicles finishing my presentation with a nice bow. My testicles are now gift wrapped for my Mistress.
I go over to the door and sit patiently for You. Like a dog waiting for their master, I sit patiently for the one person that makes life worth living. After short while, that felt like an eternity, I hear the key enter the dead bolt. My heart races with excitement and anticipation. I hope, with all of my being, that You like my
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