What look should do for the Fetish Flea? Need Opinions…

As many of you already know – I am attending this year’s Fetish Flea on March 7-9 at the Crowne Plaza in Warwick, RI and will be volunteering throughout the event under the production team. Soon I will find out which speakers I will be announcing and any of the other tasks I will be assigned.

I was originally planning on wearing purple corsets, jeans, and high heels but I have quickly realized the corsets will be incredibly uncomfortable and restricting for the work I will be doing. Corsets are great in theory and I love them and will wear them standing to any party, event, or session.

So, now I need new outfits for the fetish flea to volunteer for the production team and I am considering what look to go with. You can imagine that people go “out of there mind crazy” with the outfits at the Fetish Flea.

I was thinking of standing out by going in SEXY BUSINESS ATTIRE because I look great in this look, feel comfortable, and will make a good impression on everyone as the professional I am in real life and in kink. But, not sure if this is the best choice…… after-all, I am Mistress Lynne.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Please POST THEM !! This is a matter I take VERY seriously……


Mistress Lynne


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4 thoughts on “What look should do for the Fetish Flea? Need Opinions…

  1. Mistress Lynne, with all due respect, my Queen. When I first saw you get out of your car and you were dressed in that business suit, shiny panty hose, and high heels. I needed NO more than that vision of you to desire to serve you from that day until the day I die. Yours Truly… slave b. boy

  2. A true goddess is sexy in business attire. F*ck yeah. Mistress Lynne, every alpha male slave wants and desires to eat the sweet juicy pussy of that woman in a power suit, nylons, and heels. Just sayin’

  3. Oh Mistress Lynne!

    Picturing you in sexy business attire gives me such a rich, beautiful, intoxicating sense of purpose and direction as i kneel and bow down In Your Honor..

    You give me feelings of Love, Adoration & Awestruck Respect. You Inspire INTENSE desire Mistress, and an aching, pulsing, maddening SEXUAL response..

    You bestow upon me Your Divine Understanding & Acceptance of my perversity, my purity, and my expression of myself as a submissive yet lust-filled male.This Understanding and Acceptance of me as Your slave gives me Hope & Inspiration Beautiful Goddess!

    Being Whipped; eating a foul concoction from a dog bowl; being Fucked; punishment for my cock & balls; and drinking piss & cum is SUCH a Meaningful Event and an HONOUR because during such ceremony i am living in The TRUTH..

    i am in Communion with YOU Mistress..

  4. A business suit worn with heels would be an excellent choice Mistress, in my humble opinion. Mistress in a business suit, what a wonderful vision!

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