WHAP! Thank you Goddess

A naked male submissive kneels and reads the letter just emailed to the Beautiful Superior Lady he aches to address as his GODDESS, MISTRESS, & QUEEN..
He has his penis resting on the flat palm of his left hand, and a twelve inch wooden ruler in his right..
Out loud he declares he is “here to present myself To You, Mistress Lynne “..he firmly strikes his slave cock with the ruler. “May i Offer myself To You Beautiful Mistress?” SLAPP!! “Aghhh! Thank You Goddess!” “How may i best Serve You this day?” SLAPP!! “Aghhh!! Thank You my Queen! ” “It is an Honour to Suffer for One So Incredibly Sexy and Superior Mistress!” SLAPP!! “Oh! Aagghh..Thank You Beautiful Mistress Lynne!!” “Please Goddess, allow this adoring male inferior to bow down and kiss the ground At Your Feet..” “i humbly and heartfeltedly recognize Your Elevated Status and BEG You to Accept my reverence and worship Madame!!” “PLEASE Permit me to punish my pathetic slave cock in YOUR HOLY HONOUR & DIVINE GLORY!!”
SLLAPP!! “Thank You Mistress Lynne”.. SLLAPP!! “Thank You!” SLLAPP!! “Thank You!”..
Mistress, i DO humbly beg that You might consider me Your subservient property..i DO beg to be granted entry to Your stable of slaves and submissives, and to exist in the Realm of Your Divine Beauty, Glamour, Wisdom, Elite Status, and Exquisite Superior Sexual Command.
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