True Road to Discovery

I met Michelle on a traditional dating web site. We had emailed talked and been out on a date or two. During this time we had discussed some past sexual experiances and I shared with Michelle my interest in bdsm and wanting to give myself for her entertsient and enjoyment. Michelle had never been involved or experienced anything like that but she was more than eager to try.
On our next date we had our first kinky Domme / sub experience and she was really drawn to it and after a short warming up period she really took the role on fully and there were many first for us both.
After our first experience together I was at my home and was getting in the shower and saw in the mirror that my ass was covered in bruises….right way my cock got hard as can be and from emotions and memories of the night before. This happened every time I saw my bruised ass in the mirror.
Two weeks later Michelle called me and said she was having some friends over for drinks and invited me to join them and of course I said yes, she told me to come over around 7.
I arrived right at 7 with a bottle of wine, I was the first one there and Michelle told me that the others would be over in a little while. Michelle asked me if I enjoyed our last meeting and if I would ever consider giving up control to her again which I responded with I loved it and anytime, Michelle said good and led me to the next room her bed room and she told me to strip down, after all my clothes were off she walked me back a few steps grabbed my wrist and put it into a restraint and then she grabbed my right wrist and put it in another restraint. Michelle the walked around behind me and told me to open my mouth and she placed a ball gag on me and tightened it. Then she turned of the lights and walked out of the room closing the door leaving me restrained in the iron cross position naked and gagged.
After a short time I heard the doorbell ring a few times and I could hear Michelle and her guests talking….I from my situation could only guess that there were 4 or 5 guests that arrived.
I have no idea how much time had gone by but I heard Michelle starting to talk about her ex husband and complaining about him, especially how selfish he was in bed and then soon all the women were sharing stories of their men present and past and the things that pissed them off both in general and sexually. Once the group was really getting into the discussion getting almost angry and having some cocktails I hear Michelle say ” ladies, I have a surprise for you, a way to get out some of your anger for what these shitty men have asked of us or for the ones who have just treated us like shit, give me a moment, I will be right back.
The door to the bedroom opened and Michelle walked in and said” now my pet, you will have an opertunity to show me your devotion and just how good of a little bitch boi you can be” . Michelle then put a pink leather color around my neck with a leash attahed. Then she put me in white lace panties with stalkings and a garter and after releasing my wrists she put a matching white lace bra on me, I had never been in any women’s clothing before and I was quite embarrassed. Michelle then told me ” if you can behave and follow direction I will remove the gag, if you fail it goes right back on, do you understand bitch?” I nodded yes and she then said “good boi, I am going to bring you out to my friends, you are not to speak, but to mearly to serve as directed” I nodded yes again and she removed the gag, took the leash and led me out to the living room.
There was quite a mixed reaction to Michelle’s surprise, there was some laughter, a gasp and even a women who blushed, maybe as much as I was.
Michelle said ” this is my bitch boi, he is here to serve us any way I choose, now who needs a refill” Michelle had me get the wine and refill some glasses and then sit on the floor by her feet. Michelle then told the ladies some of the acts she had done to me and how it made her feel, and then she instructed me to get a large tray off the counter and to remove the cloth covering it and to pass the tray to her guests.
I did as instructed and when I removed the cloth covering it I found the tray fill of sex toys….restraints, whips paddles , crops, strapons, face strapons, clamps, ball stretchers with weights and more. I passed the tray around and the ladies chose items of interest.
The ladies were laughing and yet hesitant so Michelle said “ladies please enjoy, this is my gift to you all, to get out your aggression of any man who has wronged you in the past, and my bitch knows that he his to do as you want, I will show you, bitch get on all 4’s in front of me and suck my toes” so I did and the she asked Jennifer who had chosen a crop as a toy to get up and to use it on my ass, Jennifer did and she seemed to be no stranger on how to use a crop and this seemed to break the ice, as I soon found my self being shipped and paddled as I was performing oral sex, and getting fucked in the ass soon. Performing oral sex on the end of a strap on and soon put in just about every submissive position imaginable and performing every act that each and every one of those toys could be used for and right then and there I knew my place was to serve.
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