True Reports for Mistress Nika

Mistress Nika, here is the assignment you ordered me to think up in torture to my cock. I realize it wasn’t very extreme but here is what I did for you Mistress!

I found an eye dropper and went into the bathroom dropping my boxer shorts and sat on the toilet. I have a bottle of alcohol in the bathroom and got some alcohol in the eyedropper and also took a q-tip and inserted it into my peehole without any precum coming out and slowly worked it in all the way down, then pulled it out and squeezed a little bit of the alcohol down my peehole. OHHH it did burn !!!!

After, I shook a can of shaving cream up (Non-mentholated) and put the nozzle to my peehole and pushed the button and shaving cream squirted down into my pee hole. There was no pain but did feel strange. After some oozed out and also milked my cock a little and squeezed more out.

I am sitting here now typing this with my boxer shorts on and a little more shaving cream has come out. There was no pain except the intense burning sensation from the alcohol.

I do hope you are pleased Mistress as I did this for you as you know.

Your want to be toy and slave,

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