True Report from Mistress Nika

Mistress Nika, I went to an all I found were groups in my area and none were active for the last several months. Although you are refusing all contacts with me until Wednesday I was told by you to do my assignment that is to be done every Monday which I have done. I know this is a very disgusting assignment and probably amuses you to have me totally degrade and abase myself in such a filthy manner. Yes it is very vile, filthy, nasty and so degrading but I can imagine you ordering me to do this and watching me do this and so excites me to obey your wishes Ye Zhu.

I went into the bathroom again and sat on the toilet, later than usual, this time with the urge to shit so when I shoved my middle finger into my ass I felt a turd near and pushed my finger deep into the warm muck of my shit.

When I pulled it out I had a substantial amount of shit on my finger, much more than usual as it was soft in consistency, softer than peanut butter and the color a little darker then peanut butter. I again put it to my nose and smelled it and again had the smell of shit.

looking at it I had to imagine you watching me as there was more than usual on my finger and I inserted my finger into my mouth and had to suck and lick several times until I got it all off. The taste was as acrid as always and because there was more it seemed to leave a taste not only on my tongue but on the roof of my mouth also. I do have to say it does dissolve rapidly in my mouth as chocolate would. I sit here typing and see you are on IM so I imagine you will receive this as soon as I send it with the taste of my shit still in my mouth.

Your disgusting creature

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