True Report for Mistress Nika

Mistress Nika here is your report on the assignment you gave me. I went into the bathroom and found a large cap type lid which I thoroughly cleaned out with soap, hot water and then some alcohol. I stripped naked and ran a little hot water in the tub to warm the bottom and sat in tub.

I squeezed some tooth paste into the cap and added alcohol, then stirred it up with a q-tip and took my cock and slowly inserted it into my pee hole all the way down, keeping it there as I felt the burn and pulled it up a little then pushed it down again a couple of times before withdrawing it. Always thing of you, Mistress Nika. I then redapped more on the q-tip and did the same thing again as I could feel the heat enveloping the inside of my cock. Then repeated the process for a third time, then a fourth time and finally a fifth time as required and fucked my cock a few more times with the coated q-tip. By then my cock felt like it was on fire!!. I sat in the tub and tried to piss and my cock burned and felt on fire as I pissed in the tub

I then drained the tub and got more hot water in the tub and bathed and washed my cock and balls many times but the burn was inside.

As I type this My cock still burns but feel such satisfaction in the completion of my assignment for you !!!

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