True Report for Mistress Nika

Mistress Nika, here is my Monday Assignment Report.

I think of you when I go into the bathroom, strip and sit on the toilet. I have to piss also and have a glass and take my cock and hold my cock into the glass and start pissing,, almost filling it up. I set the glass aside imagining it is your warm piss that you filled while standing in front of me. I can imagine watching you as you piss into the glass and that excites me.

I lean over and push my finger deep up into my ass and feel my shit all soft and warm on my finger. I move my finger around in my ass and pull it out completely smeared with my shit.

I put my finger up to my nose and see it is a light brown and soft and I take a deep smell and it smells like it normally smells and knowing (in my imagination) I must obey you I put mt shit coated finger into my mouth and suck on it as if I was sucking a cock like you will order me to sometime. The taste of course is as acrid and vile as usual and I keep on sucking it and take my finger and have to lick more on it until it is completely clean.

There is a nasty taste in my mouth as I take the glass of warm piss and take a swallow, holding it in my mouth, swishing it around and finely swallowing it. I then continue drinking my warm piss until it is all gone and imagine that I have pleased you doing such a disgusting act and proving to you that I will submit to ANYTHING you wish. Even filthy degrading things as I would as your slave.

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