True dedication to Mistress Lynne

Beloved Goddess.
Further to my previous post in which I said,
“Thank you my Goddess, you are so considerate.
Your slave.
I should have added,
But before you use your “new purple leather whip from Pakistan” on this slaves naked body, please gag, and bind it so that it is completely helpless, unable to move, or scream.
And then please take your time to enjoy whipping your slave for no other reason that it amuses you to do so.
Afterwards make it get down on it’s knees before you, kiss your feet, and thank you for what it has received at your hands.
Make my pain your pleasure.
Goddess, I love you so much, I would gladly lay down my life for you.
I am not boasting, I really do mean this.
Beloved Goddess.
“I would gladly lay down my life for you.”
Here is one method I thought of some while ago.
By suffocation as a result of having my face sat upon by a very large Queen of a tribe of Amazonian cannibals who would then after I was dead, cook and eat my flesh. I have always wanted to be a Woman, and now at least I would be a part of every one who had filled their stomachs to capacity with the meal I had provided.
Wow, what a way to go.
At least later on, I would be turned into nothing more than what I am worth, that is a huge pile of excrement.
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