True confession of a BFF (best finger fuck)

Ok , Lets start off by saying I’m not the kind of guy who is into erotica, much less write of an encounter. However. I have been pulled into this in the strangest way. I have actually met Mistress Lynne about a month ago before knowing anything about her or her website. It was a complete chance encounter. I work as a grounds keeper for her and some of her neighbors. I honestly will admit I have checked her out on a few occasions but never said hi. Then one particular day a strange thing happened. I was raking outside when she pulled up in her suv. As she got out I noticed she had on a short skirt and black patterned nylons. And yes I got a quick upskirt look and saw that beautiful pussy underneith those silky sheer pantyhose. That has alwaya been a lil fetish of mine.. She noticed me look and gave me an angry stare like I was a pervert. Then the angry stare turned more into a grin. An evil grin. She seemed to like the attention and was not intimidated in anyway.
Not long after, I was working near her screen porch door and I couldnt help but take a few peeks in. She was just working on her computer and doing this and that but she looked so good in those hi heels. Her legs so powerfull. I actually started to roll my sleeves up while raking so I could impress her with my large arms that I was so proud of…. just hoping she would take notice. My cofidence was building. She actually did step out on the porch standing seductively and sipping a dark burgandy wine. I introduced myself and she did the same. She told me her name was Lynne. I told her that she looks sexxy in her black nylons and I couldnt help but look. She actually said “thank you” and didnt get pissed, uncomfortable, or bitchy .
She offered me a glass of wine and we made some nice small talk. I noticed that her house had a lot of purple in it. I joked around and said “you really like the color purple”. She said “yes, it is my favorate color” then she said ” it is your favorite color also”. I told her that I wasnt big on the color purple. She said “boy, you will grow to love it.. I promise you”.
“OK” I said. I began looking around her apartment and noticed some sexxy clothes. Then she showed me her room and started talking about some old boyfriends. Commenting on those she liked and those she was upset with. Soon, the conversation turned more sexual, and she got more explicit about past lovers and their bodies. She began to turn me on but she seemed to have a pre-occupation with my male endowment. I didnt know if I was offended but I was definantly intimidated as I am not very large.
We started getting flirty and began wrestling on her bed. She is quite strong. She wrapped my head between her legs and got me in a leg lock. I could feel the silky nylon aganst my face and I loved it. I could also smell her sweet aroma of her pussy. She almost choked me unconsious. I begged her to free me but she wouldnt unless I called her “mistress”. I thought it was a joke but I went along with it and said “please Mistess Lynne free me”. She laughed and said “for a strong guy, you give up quickly.” Then she looked down at my crotch. I was so frightened because she looked so powerful. “Let’s see ” she said. I humbly obeyed and unzipped my jeans. She looked at my rock hard 5 incher. Then she said “now I see, your a sissy boy”. I was so offended and angry but the only thing I could do is humbly reply “yes Mistress Lynne”.
She told me I was to small to allow me to fuck her but she said I was suitable for oral training. She grabbed the back of my head and firmly pushed it into her pantyhose crotch. This Goddess was wet enough to irrigate the sahara desert. Then she took of the nylons and lied me on her my back . She strattled my face and made me lick her clit for a very very long time. My face was drowning in her pussy juice. She was the wettest woman I have ever known and it was clear that she intended to take control of me any way she wanted.
With every minute that went by I was feeling more and more under her power. Under her control.. I tried to penetrate her but she slapped my face so hard and told me “NEVER!”. She said that I was her sissy boy and I shall never get any pleasure from her. That I was ONLY good for pleasing her in other ways.
Then finally she commanded me to stick my fingers inside her vigina and said “I wantyou to fuck me with your finger the way you would if you had a 10 inch cock” and then gave me specific training on how to pleasure her g spot. I seemed to get hang of it fast. She had the greatest, tightest, wettest pussy ever. Her taste and smell so sweet and addicting, I no choice but to follow all her commands and found myself fucking her with my fingers like my finger were her 10 inch cock. All I could hear was the soggy, slappy, squishy noises cumming out of that wet pussy as I finger fucked my new Mistress and caught her g-spot each time my fingers glided in the outward direction. I begged her to cum and continually called her my mistress and my goddess to reassure her of her superiority over me. And finally I begged her to cum all over my fingers as I fucked her just so I could lick it up and get all her beautiful juices in my mouth again.
She cried aloud with pleasure. Her pussy felt like an earthquake. She gushed like old faithfull. And I, of course, faithfully licked it all up, it took a long time to clean and dry her wet pussy but I did so with no reservation and she just let me, slapping me across the face when I stopped for breath . .
We have been in contact ever since . Her power over me is growing stronger everyday and I am falling deeper and deeper into the slavery of Mistress Lynne. She has names she uses as well such as sissyboy, baby boy, slave, slut, good boy, servant, maggot, useless, silly boy, etc. I now obey her completely without hesitation. I will not even date or flirt with other woman. I am owned. The smell of her pussy runs through my mind before I fall asleep at night. I know longer masturbate because of her orders. I am completely chast. Although she said I can masturbate in front of her but I will have to drink up my own cum after. This is part of my training in case she brings home some hung stud to fuck in front of me . She said I will have to watch helplessly (in purple panties) as she gets nailed hard by a real cock. Then I can clean her out. I dont know where she will take me next. All I know is that….. I am enslaved in everyway by Mistress Lynne. Her wish is my commmand. I fall to my knees before her and when she commands me to do something the only thing I have the strength to do is say “Yes Mistress Lynne”. I hear her and obey her.
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  1. Wow! You are a lucky guy! People stand in line for Mistress Lynne. and they don’t even know where to go to stand in line….. 😉 They get on the waiting list instead. I would stand in a line around 19 blocks to eat the Goddess Pussy of Mistress Lynne! A rare treat I am sure my friend.

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