True Accounts of a “Small” Guy


I am a professor at two junior colleges, but I don’t date at all. I am very ashamed of my small dick, which is what caused me to be submissive. When in college, on spring break, I was followed by a girl who was interested in me. She walked behind me in my hotel lobby area and then when I opened my door, she followed me in. She made out with me and then said she wanted more. She pulled down my beach pants and began to laugh and say that we wouldn’t be going any further. The next day I was laying out on the beach, and all of a sudden these football type, muscular guys bull rushed me (about a half dozen of them) and they “pants me” holding me up with dick showing. She then came out with her friends and they all pointed and laughed. It was the most humiliating thing you could imagine. An older woman witnessed this and after all of the football guys and sexy girls left she told me that I should adopt to a submissive lifestyle. I wasn’t totally convinced but then I went out with two different women after college and the same thing happened. Both laughed and said I was not a real man. I then looked on this alt site and had two different owners who trained me to accept the humiliation and to act as an inferior man who should be under the control of a woman. A mistress from Forest Lake MN made me watch videos that degraded men for having small penises. It was then that I realized how important a big cock was to a woman. Sadly, the F Lake MN mistress moved to Canada with a bull of hers. I also had an owner from Berwyn Illinois for many years but she went vanilla. But she clearly engrained me into the submissive lifestyle. I realize that despite being a smart, fairly attractive man with a good job, I can not have a normal sexual relationship with a woman due to my size. I am only 1 1/2 to 2 inches and sometimes, at best, 3 inches if I am hard

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