True Account of Submission – age 9


I was 9 years old and was staying at my aunt and uncles in the countryside in the UK. I am from London and so wasn’t used to the countryside- stables, horses, manure, cleaning lawnmowers and so forth.

Nevertheless, on one particular day a friend of my cousin’s came riding with us.. she was about 12, wearing her jodhpurs, riding boots and carrying her crop when she arrived. We all got on the ponies and went for a ride, with myself insisting on being at the back – I’m not sure if I even knew it at the time, but I could watch my cousin’s friend riding her pony and thrusting her hips back and forth to keep the pony walking.

We Finished the hack, came back, hosed the ponies down, cleaned the tack and went inside.. and then it began…

We kids sat in front of the tv and became bored after a while; my cousin and her friend began to playfight and I watched her friend in her jodphurs, her legs spreading, her young breasts pressing against her blouse and as a young 9 year old jumped to join in, I shouted “I’m a boy. I can beat you both..!” And my cousin’s friend turned, smiled and said “Just you and me then?” My cousin had had enough, and we went for it. I don’t remember much until I was on my back, she was sitting on my chest, her knees pinning my arms and she was slapping my face and laughing. I was furious and she saw that and allowed me up, but I insisted that we go again – with the same result!! This happened a few times, until I ran into the garden, somewhere between humiliation, fury and swearing revenge. I had masturbated before, but that was the first night that I clearly remember masturbating and being completely confused and more aroused than I had ever been in my young life.

Mistress Lynne – submission starts young!

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