Trickery from my Mistress

Seth shivered in the cool air of the apartment. He was naked and bent over an ottoman; his wrists and ankles tied to the feet with rope. He had been there for a half an hour and his legs ached. His muscles spasmed, but the rope kept his body firmly in place. All he could do was endure the pain… endure the pain and wait.
“My my, aren’t you a patient little boy…” her voiced sounded from behind him. He felt her warm hands on his dangling cock, jerking him up and down as if trying to milk him. He responded quickly to her touch, growing longer and harder in seconds.
“Oh, no! Not just yet! I have something else in mind for you today.”
His cock twitched at her words. His mind began to race. Seth had learned to expect the unexpected from her. She was a beautiful sadist, a goddess among boys. He would do whatever she wanted, but secretly he hoped she was about to fulfill one of his greatest fantasies. He was certainly in the right position for it–with his ass in the air and his legs spread. So when he felt the cool, slimy lube get smeared all around his anus, all he could do was moan with pleasure.
She laughed. That seductive, derisive laugh that told him she was pleased but also put him in his place. “Yes, my pet. I bought a strap-on. And I think it is about time we popped that anal cherry of yours. No more fingering. It’s time you took cock.” She walked out in front of him for the first time since tying him to the ottoman. She was naked save the black leather harness that hugged her ample hips and the silicone dildo staring right at him. “Are you ready?”
“Yes, Mistress!” Seth spat out, almost too excited for words. His cock throbbed in pain it was so hard. After weeks of her hinting and him fantasizing, it was finally going to happen. He couldn’t believe it.
“Good boy” she said, patting his head. Then she grabbed his hair and wrenched his head back. She thrust her strap-on in his face, and he didn’t need to hear her instructions. He opened his mouth and took the dildo inside. He slid up and down it as best he could, spitting when necessary to get more lubricant, and she drove it into his mouth with more and more force. Then she shoved her strap-on all the way in. Her harness pressed against his nose. Her hands held the back of his head still. A wave of nausea overtook him, but he let it pass. Then as the seconds wore on he felt his breath grow shorter and shorter. He tried to move his head back, to signal that he needed air, but she didn’t care. She held him fast until he felt the last of his air leave him, then she pulled out.
He coughed and sputtered and gasped for air. His heads spun and tears ran down his cheeks. And then there she was. Her hands cupped his face and her lips touched his. “That’s my good boy. My good cocksucker.” He smiled and blushed. He never felt prouder in his life.
She moved behind him once again. He braced for and relished in what was about to come: the fulfillment of his greatest fantasy by the greatest lover he has ever known. It couldn’t be more perfect. Nothing else could–
Warm hands parted his cheeks and he felt the head of the dildo press against his sphincter. The hands moved around to grasp his hips and then it was in. Just a half inch, but he felt it inside him. It pushed deeper and he resisted the urge to clench. She had trained him with her fingers, taught him to relax and allow himself to be violated.
The dildo went deeper, then pulled out, then pushed back in again. A rhythm began, and Seth found himself moving his body in time with the thrusts from behind. His closed his eyes and gritted his teeth as the dildo penetrated him deeper and deeper. Each moment he felt ready to break, but his ass continued to stretch under the assault. He felt the blood coursing through his hard cock; he had never been so aroused. A moan escaped his lips, “Oh, fuuuuuuuuuuuck yes!”
Then a second pair of hands touched his face. He snapped his eyes open to see his mistress standing before him once again, yet the assault on his ass continued. Seth tried to understand what was happening, tried to form the words to ask, but the tempo of whoever was behind him increased. He felt the person behind him slam their body into his, their pelvis smacking against his bubble butt and burying their cock deeper inside him than he thought possible.
His mistress smiled wickedly at him, her strap-on still hanging between her legs and still slick with his saliva. “I’m so glad you’re enjoying yourself!” She ran her fingers up and down the dildo, stroking it like a real cock. “I knew since the first time I fingered you, that this is what you really wanted, even if you didn’t. And now I see that I was right. Fortunately, my friend was more than happy to break open that virgin ass of yours.” She cupped his head. “You’re a cockwhore, Seth. And this is just the beginning…”
As if on cue, Seth felt the cock in his ass stop and spasm before filling his ass with hot semen
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