To Answer C.’s question – What size will suffice?


An answer to C.’s question, ” what size of cock does M.L. require?”

Well, I know this is a rudimentary sketch which doesn’t deserve to be posted,
BUT for the sake of this important question the image ought to be clear =
The bigger the better!

-Artist Slave

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2 thoughts on “To Answer C.’s question – What size will suffice?

  1. Wow Artist Slave ! How submissive of Me ! 🙂 Well, a big cock can make any girl submissive, even the most dominant of them like Me. It is what it is….. Big Cock is really the only cock deserving of worship of any sort.

  2. “She’ll dance with He, cuz she want the Dee” – I should have made it bigger Mistress Lynne – I’ll make something better next time!

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