The Respect of the Superior Sex

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I found this great piece of writing from an old blog archive but it is a great reminder to all of how to treat woman as the superior sex.
Respectively Submitted, Good Boy Slave
Author: Single, Anglo, middle-aged male who firmly believes in the Superiority of Women and that all males exist only to serve, obey, please and suffer for the Ruling Gender: The Female. Goes by “Serves Woman”
ABSOLUTE FEMALE RULE with both males and Females working diligently for the benefit of all Women.
I am a middle-aged, divorced male — plenty masculine and macho — who has always fantasized about being dominated by Women. I believe there are MANY quite masculine men — secure in their persona — who feel likewise. If there had been an Internet when I was a teenager, I would have never left the house!
All kinds of “alternative” lifestyles have come right out in the open; the prime example being homosexuality. Why not Female Domination? Pound for pound and brain cell for brain cell we all know that Women, not men are the stronger sex (unless you count bench-pressing free weights at the gym – and killing bugs).Women make better managers, are better sales people and are far more efficient in the conduct of daily business. Women are better money managers. Women rule most marriages and relationships, but usually in subtle ways. Perhaps this is frustrating to Females: there should never be any doubt that a Woman’s word is LAW in any relationship with males.
All of males’ wasted energy on self-indulgent activities could be directed toward serving, pleasing and working unselfishly for the benefit of all Females. This is not just about sexual fantasy: I am referring to massive, positive efforts to serve Women and do everything possible to make their lives more pleasant and fulfilling. What higher calling could a male have in life? Would the world not be a far better place if Women ruled — absolutely — not just in fantasy bedroom situations?
For those who sincerely believe as I do, and NOT just as a sexual fantasy, let’s get together and make Female Supremacy in all aspects of life a reality — all for the benefit of Women everywhere. Let’s bring Female Rule out into the mainstream so that it’s no longer relegated to private groups and S/m fantasies. I sincerely hope that Women will participate in this endeavor.
Please tell Women about this ‘blog’ and help them to understand how much improved their lives will be when they realize that males exist only to serve them and make their lives more comfortable and stress-free.

If you are a Superior Person — a Woman — please so indicate when writing.

Please use CAPITAL letters when referring to Women, lower case when referring to males.
males: Let’s all please show the utmost respect to all Females on this blog and in all aspects of our daily lives.
All Females are superior to all males. we exist to serve them.
Please, no hypocrisy: life itself for us has one meaning:
males who serve Women are the REAL men of this world. we are fulfilling our natural destiny.
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