The Pig Roast – Mistress Lynne’s upcoming subslut party.

Mistress Lynne, Your invitation says “what is a subslut party? I have no idea.”
Respectfully, i suggest You have a very good idea.
You are inviting pigs to a pig roast: You know what You are doing.
The Pig Roast
You announce the party with a flourish and a picture
It is, as if, the party is in order, the centerpiece is set
The subslut in the middle, with his holes drilled open
he’s already hanging from the pit, owned, available and ready.
Or, is that the case at all? we do not know
Mistress is tweeting, “here little piggy”
“here little piggy” waiting to see who shows
The annoited unsuspecting subslut, with the holes to be drilled
he’s the one who will soon know, how many he is scheduled to blow
For his wonderful Mistress Lynne, who he faithfully adores
he’ll do as he is told, suck and swallow every single bit
And, hanging from the pit, leg spreaders firmly in place
Bang, bang, he’ll be roasted and toasted, again and again.
contributed by ST Yegg
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One thought on “The Pig Roast – Mistress Lynne’s upcoming subslut party.

  1. Mistress Lynne, the opportunity to be used by You for Your personal amusement sounds like a great party to Me. 🙂

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