The next Morning with Mistress

The Next Morning
As we wake up in the morning, happiness warms me, like the sun through the window on winter’s day. i am beyond hard as Your beautiful body is against me. i of course sleep lower in the bed than You, my head never getting any higher than Your breasts. Many nights i fall asleep with my face in the nectar of Your pussy. i know my place. Having the day to spend with You, my Mistress is more joy than i can bear.
i know how You enjoy being serviced first thing in the morning, so i move down to Your pussy and i slowly start to lick You. You give me a gentle pat on the head and hand me a vibrator, which i begin to use on You with delicacy of purpose. i want so much to start Your day perfectly so i am very careful to use the vibrating toy correctly. Within time, You are squirming, moaning and grabbing me in the throws of pleasure. Your pussy, the most perfect pussy in the world, releases Your pent up juices, which i greedily lap up with a devotion that could only come from a loving submissive. The juices are all over my face and i proudly look at You. The juices show and represent complete loyalty to You. You tell what a good little boy i am, which sends my head spinning with utter elation.
The coffee is ready as I had put it on a timer the night before. I serve You Your coffee just the way You like it. i cook you breakfast and sit next to You at the glass dining room table. i gentle cut away a piece of Your egg white omelet and bring it to Your mouth. When You are only wearing only panties, my training has taught me to gently suckle Your breasts, while You savor the food in Your mouth. Every bite, which i ease into Your mouth, is enjoyed by You, while i lick Your nipples. We continue this procedure until the food is gone. My free hand is always at the ready with a napkin to brush away any unwanted debris from Your inviting lips.
When breakfast is over i refill Your coffee. You tell me to fetch Your ebony strap on, the one with the big mushroom head. You have me snugly put it in place and You sit back at the table. You tell me that, while i have been a good boy, You would like to give me a dose of humiliation, which You feel i have been missing while You were away. You instruct me to get under the table and while You watch me through the glass, i put the plastic cock in my mouth. You tell me to suck on it real good. Knowing that i am strictly heterosexual, gives You immense pleasure in my humiliation. You tell me to make love to it with my mouth. My head bobbing up and down on the make believe cock. I make slurping sounds which seems to please You. Your cell phone rings and You speak with one of Your girlfriends while i keep sucking. You explain to Your girlfriend what is happening, when she over hears You telling me to pay extra attention to the mushroom head. As my head bobs up and down on Your strap on, my greatest enjoyment is derived from knowing You are watching me and You are smiling at me with amusement You know that You own a very loyal submissive. My cock is beyond hard with a mixture of excitement and humiliation.
After you end the call, You put my cock in a locked cock ring. my veins are bulging as You look at me with impish delight, especially when you have the key on a chain around Your neck. I started t o clean the breakfast dishes hoping I could think of something to make my Mistress happy. Her happiness is my happiness. No feeling, could ever rush through my body like the feeling I get when Mistress looks at me with a feeling of satisfaction. I always want to anticipate her needs. She should ever have to waste Her precious time telling me what to do. If I were to be a good submissive I would have to constantly think, what would make Mistress happy? Pleasing Mistress is what life is all about, not just in the bedroom but everywhere. She is nice enough to own me and for that I should show my gratitude by making her life easier in every way I possibly can. Only then would I be able to consider myself a good submissive, someone worthy of such a perfect Mistress.
Before You leave to do some personal things, You tell me to enjoy having my cock in a locked ring while You are gone. I promise to try and make Your life better upon Your return. I am sad now. Mistress is not here.
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