The Mistress Lynne Chronicles !!

It is true I have been a bit busy lately. This is My busy season in My vanilla company but also, it is time I let everyone know that it is official, “The Mistress Lynne Chronicles” will be published!!
It is all very exciting. Recently, I had been contacted by a publisher that became interested in My story and the layout of characters through other author’s writing and experiences. Their interest also focused on the development of a character and plot through the use of multiple writers who are focused on one theme. The publisher loves Mistress Lynne and they want to see Her story be published.
This was all fine and dandy and it made Me realize the importance of My story being told and how the medium in which it is read does truly need to expand. The publisher gave Me inspiration to do this all by Myself.
So, the past couple of days, this is exactly what I have done. I have been sifting through this website, pulling stories written by Myself and others that will be worked on to become part of the very first in a series called “The Mistress Lynne Chronicle’s”. Soon, I will contact these authors and ask for their involvement. I have also been speaking with an artist who will be working on capturing the images from within these stories. I will be featuring his artwork here very soon. I think you will surely enjoy his work.
At the moment, I have a whole bunch of emails with work people have sent Me that needs to be posted. I apologize for the delay, but I am very focused at the moment and I seek to finish this one task so I can contact authors and we can begin the editing, revising, and creativity process. I should be done with this task in the next 48 hours.
I am VERY excited. The work on this website over the past few months since its birth has been nothing short of amazing!
However, we need more authors, more stories, more connections, more experiences to draw from. Over the course of the next few months, I will offer opportunities to draw from personal experiences by scheduling some real time opportunities to meet and experience Me. Ultimately, I am just a real girl who, like you, desires and thinks about this lifestyle 24/7/365. Come and just have a sit down and we shall chat. If you are single, ask Me on a dinner date. Remember always, that a relationship with a Me starts with vanilla ! As sad as that may seem, everything in life really does start with vanilla. If chosen, I will methodically and slowly train you to become My perfect slave.
If you are chosen to become a slave author – used by Me in “The Mistress Lynne Chronicles” – I will do everything I can to keep your creativity level at its highest. I hope you will do the same for Me. Our relationship will become a priority because I will want you to serve Me at your highest creativity level.
So, slaves, that’s that. Write Me something TODAY!!
Mistress Lynne 1/25/14
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