The contest (mom always wins)

i had just finished all my chores for MISTRESS LYNNE. I had settled in as her personal slave and my duties included cleaning the whole house. MISTRESS LYNNE was relaxing of course, Princess came home, my son in tow carrying her bags. She sent him up to her room to put her stuff away and sat and talked with her mom. “so , mom, did your loser boy do his chores today” “yes he did Honey, he just finished” ‘Well he didn’t do a very good job, it doesnt look spotless to me” MISTRESS looked around, “its good, you just don’t like him” “your right i don’t, My slave is clearly better than his father, we should have him clean this place” “no honey mine is just fine, hes very thorough, your slave is only good for carrying your books” The ladies continued their argument. Mistress LYNNE came up with an idea,
Honey i need to prove to you that mom is always right so let’s have a contest, My slave vs your slave,” “sure mom, what are the stakes” ‘well winning slave gets to be the fulltime house slave for both of us and losing slave gets put out in stable with the rest of the losers, but not before he gets thoroughly whipped for losing” they laughed. They decided the next day would be the contest. Later on that night MISTRESS summoned me and informed me of the contest, “now slave i better not lose to my daughter, i promise i will beat you to within an inch of your life and put you in the barn and you will spend your days doing hard labor never seeing me.” “Yes MISTRESS i will make you proud” “you better, but you understand if you win then your son will be beaten and sent away”
I was in a difficult position but i have come to realize that all that matters is MISTRESS LYNNES happiness and she wanted to win. The next morning MISTRESS lynne had me strip naked, attached her leash and led me to kitchen. Princess was already there, her slave naked kneeling at her feet. The 2 ladies stood before us, “ok slaves, today one of you will have the honor of being the personal slave to 2 beautiful women, the other will be beaten and banished to barn. We have set up 3 tasks, first slave to win 2 wins” I noticed the kitchen floor had a piece of tape down the center. MISTRESS led me to one side, she tied my hands, Princess did the same, we were handed a toothbrush and a bucket of water, “ok slaves, on my command you start scrubbing, you scrub every inch of the floor and when i say every inch i mean every inch, first one finished wins.” We both agreed, “GO” MISTRESS yelled, i began scrubbing my side, MISTRESS and Princess sat at table and chatted ignoring us. i scrubbed hard occasionally glancing over to see his status. He had a slight lead and i tried scrubbing harder, his youth was working in his favor, we both scrubbed and scrubbed, the sweat was pouring off my forehead, it was about an hour before we almost reached the finish. he clearly was ahead of me and i was panicking, i didn’t want MISTRESS LYNNE upset with me. He finished about a minute ahead of me. Princess jumped up and petted his head, she was very pleased with him, MISTRESS LYNNE grabbed my leash and choked me slightly, “you stupid pig, you lost leg one, you embarrass me and lose again ill make sure you get the beating of your life” “yes MISTRESS LYNNE. I thought we would get a minute to rest but i was wrong, they pulled us into the other room, set up on the floor were 12 pairs of shoes, 6 pairs from MISTRESS and 6 pairs from PRINCESS, 3 boots 3 heels, they were filthy and covered in mud, dirt, salt and other stuff. Apparently the ladies went out earlier and purposely dirtied them up.
Princess, spoke, “ok loser boys, when i say go you start licking, every inch of dirt and grime needs to be removed and the shoes need to shine, first slave to completely clean all shoes wins and Mistress Kyra will be the judge , understand, ” in unison we both said yes. PRINCESS yelled go and we both started, my strategy was swift and steady and i made sure to lick every inch of dirt off, Once again his youth helped him, he was one shoe ahead, i licked and licked, our hand were still tied, i made sure tops and bottoms were clean, 4 pairs done for me and he was finishing his fifth, i began to sweat profusely i was losing and not only would i be beaten but i would be doing hard labor and never be in MISTRESS PRESCENCE. He finished first, i had one more heel to lick. He knelt there, Princess was cocky and MISTRESS LYNNE looked pissed, i had failed her, i finally finished, MISTRESS kyra was inspecting, MISTRESS LYNNE was preparing her crops and whips. My head was down in shame, Princess was rubbing it in, the suddenly KYRA spoke, “we have an issue ladies, ” She held up one of PRINCESS heels and there was clearly a dirt spot on the bottom, ” Im declaring MISTRESS LYNNES slave the winner in this, her shoes are spotless” Suddenly i was back in the game, MISTRESS LYNNE Smiled, PRINCESS fumed and smacked her slave across the face. MISTRESS LYNNE approached me and stepped on my fingers, “you got lucky slave, now win the final event” “yes MISTRESS LYNNE”
We had no idea what the next event was, we waited patiently on our knees. The ladies came in, i was confused because PRINCESS grabbed my leash and MISTRESS grabbed the other. Princess bent down and pulled out a key, we were both in chastity but she unlocked me and MISTRESS unlocked him. They sat in chairs and ordered both of us to our knees, “ok losers, here’s the deal, you’re going to play with yourself and bring yourself to climax, were going to tease you and neither one of you has permission to cum, first one to cum loses and loses the competition.” “i had been locked up for weeks and was dying to cum, i knew i couldnt but PRINCESS was going to try to make me. We started tugging. PRINCESS was wearing thigh high boots, she knew i loved boots, she rested her boots on my shoulder as i tugged, my cock raged, “come on loser, release, release all over the place come on” i struggled but stood firm, “no PRINCESS i cant” she smacked me, “cum now loser hurry” my body shivered as i struggled to resist, i so wanted too, i could hear MISTRESS teasing her slave, I slouched over PRINCESs raised my head with her boot, “you can do it loser come on, look at my sexy boots, you want to lick them come on, release” “no PRINCESS please stop” she laughed and continued, Suddenly i heard MISTRESS LYNNE yell, she stood up and raised her hands, both PRINCESS and i looked over and slave had cum all over the place, this time his youth worked against him. PRINCESS stood up and was furious, she began smacking him, MISTRESS lYNNE patted me on the head, “good boy” She then looked at her daughter, “honey i told you Mommy is always right, Dont worry, well get you another slave, unfortunately this one will be put in barn for hard labor” “yes MOM but not before he gets his beating” They laughed, MISTRESS LYNNE looked at me, “looks like you are now the permanent house slave pet, congratulations, You can start by cleaning up that mess” She pointed to the cum on the floor…………………
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2 thoughts on “The contest (mom always wins)

  1. I love these games we play. I get so much amusement from them. Thank you. I am so glad you won and having the two of you around certainly helps in My proper training of My daughter Princess. It was so easy to make that teen boy son of yours cum, he needs more chastity. He remains in the stable and is no longer even allowed to carry the books of Princess. She is pissed. I don’t blame Her.

    • Thank you Mistress. I know Princess is upset and since its my fault of course if you allow it I will take over his duties as well. Your needs will not suffer. I can do the chores at night instead of sleeping

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