Taking a man’s virginity by Mistress Lynne

For a woman, Her virginity is taken by the man whom she chooses to penetrate her when she has sexual intercourse. Once this cherry has been popped, that’s it. That woman will spend the rest of her life a non-virgin. But, men seem to wait longer. Men seem to keep themselves saved for the right girl. They will spend a lifetime fucking vagina’s and save that special day for a woman who is man enough to take his virginity from him. Until that day, most men will keep their virgin ass all to themselves.
I, of course, find this really fascinating. I can’t say the fantasy of taking a man’s virginity from him hasn’t always, all My life, been in the back of My head. But, again, this was a fantasy that long went unexplored for some time. Until something happened….. 🙂 and we all know what that something is by now! Again, I accepted My role as a dominant woman and soon, I became the woman who would take a man’s virginity and he would let Me despite his feelings towards being fucked in the ass with an 8 inch purple strap on connected to My hips and ass.
I can imagine that for a man, this act is something that is long thought about before agreeing to being penetrated anally. For an alpha male who has done very little ass play, the fantasy seems hot, but an 8 inch purple cock up your ass is a whole different feeling. The feeling, I suspect, is Me taking his virginity for real !! The effect of a cock up your ass puts one into a position of complete submission. The woman is in control, she has the cock, and she will pound you despite your feeling of loss of control. In that position when allowing a woman to fuck your ass, how can you not feel completely vulnerable?
There is something hot and exciting, for Me, in getting a man to submit in the best scenario of total control…. Fucking him up his tight virgin asshole.
Now, I will be completely honest, there was a time in My life where I, Myself, did take cock up the ass and I think a couple times I came to enjoy it. BUT, those days are ALL OVER. No longer will anyone be taking My asshole. Oh no!!! I certainly do not enjoy the way it feels anymore and I see this as HUGE act of submission and I am NOT submissive and therefore do not take cock up my ass. End of discussion.
With this, it is important to note to My readers that I do understand what it feels like to take a cock up your ass, especially at first, and I know it fucking hurts. Unless you are well trained and stretched a bit, the result of an initial cock up your ass is pain. No doubt about it.
So, when I decide to take the virginity of My sub, he MUST be a man I have come to care about, My desire to take that from him is more an act of dominance on My part. What do I get for pleasure when fucking a guy up their virgin ass with a strap on? You ask. It is the fact that My dominance is so deeply ingrained in him that he allows Me to take from him something he was never before willing to give to someone else. I mean, think about it, we all remember who took our virginity, how it happened, when, where, and we remember most the details. I feel the same about taking a sub’s virgin ass. He will never forget Me, I will always be “that” girl who took control of him to the point he was willing to surrender onto Me his virgin asshole despite the feeling of pain and discomfort he may feel within that act.
What I find is that within the moments of My total control, a man may say “yes please” and do all I ask, but then will come out of his submission, back to the real world and feel a sense of guilt, confusion, and pain.
After taking a man’s virginity, I feel, or at least from what I have experienced, “after-care” becomes important. The submissive male will try to re-gain “control” in his life right after the act of taking his virgin ass. He will do this by explaining he will never do that again, that he feels sick, that he is feeling a huge sense of guilt and humiliation. If you do not follow-up, these feelings can turn sour.
It certainly is not the goal of a good Domme to do such nasty abusive things to a submissive man and then have him feeling like he needs to stay away from you just to recover and re-gain his loss of control in this situation. For Me, I need to keep that control and I believe after-care can certainly help with this. Letting the submissive male vent, letting him know he was such a good boy, that I care deeply about him, and want him to be ok. That, not only will he heal from this, that in no time, he will allow Me to take his ass again. To make sure he knows that he is My slut, My sub, My sissy, and My baby boy. That he no longer needs another woman because no other woman will take him where he desires to go. He must always be reminded that he wanted everything I had to dish out to him. My biggest complainer after taking his virgin ass, well, he was the one who bought himself a strap on for Me to fuck him with. He will tell Me to fuck him harder too. See, they egg you on and then bitch. You can’t let that happen. After-care is important in total control. It is important because you always want to deal head on with intense situations especially when you are the one creating such intense experiences. It seems odd that the woman would be the one to deal directly with intense experiences between a man and a woman, but I have to be the stronger of the two because I am the dominant. I have to know that when consensual abuse happens, I need to make sure my sub is ok. I can not leave him high and dry to deal with serious, very real emotions and reactions to My dominance over them.
I can understand all these feelings. If one sits down to think about it – submission is a crazy whirlwind of emotions, especially for an alpha male who is use to always being in control. Ultimately, this is the turn-on for Me, to strip a man of his control and power. To, at least for a few moments in time, completely seduce a man into complete loss of control. There is no better way to stop a man from moving around than fucking him in the ass with a purple strap on.
That is all I am trying to say. 🙂
Mistress Lynne 3/14/14
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4 thoughts on “Taking a man’s virginity by Mistress Lynne

  1. Very interesting to hear an open honest and thoughtful option of a Domme on this subject….I have had the thought and wondered what it would be like….I had thought of all the different positions to be in and 3 have had me think they would be the most humiliating. In no order 1. Would be on all fours and collar and leash…as a bald man there is no head of hair to hold onto so a leash would have to do. 2. On my bank bent in half being Mistress standing..and when she is about done with me having me cum on my own face. 3. Mistress sitting in a chair and having me rider her. Facing her and having her look right in my eyes as she first penetrates me, has me doing all the wok

  2. Hi mistress Lynne, Just wanted do tell you I’m obsessed with your website and your posts. Was on the edge of my seat reading your taking a mans virginity post!Thank you so much and I wish you a great weekend.

  3. I am new to this and still have my anal cherry. I love that rape conversation. Sounds amazing to be forced by you into giving away that virginity

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