Submissive Story

“you have to do exactly what I say,” You said to me.

i gazed at You with acceptance and trust. “What should i do now?”

“First, you need to be undressed. Jeans first.” i quickly removed them and tossed them aside. “Now take your shirt off, and do it slowly so I can watch. And I want complete silence so I can concentrate.”

i saw Your color rise, but i nodded then slipped one button at a time through its buttonhole until my shirt hung open from my shoulders. “Off,” You said, and i allowed the cloth to fall to the floor. my briefs formed only a tiny patch over my pubic hair.

You had already inserted batteries in a long, slender, flesh-colored toy, and when You flipped the switch, the vibrator began to hum. “Massage your penis with it!” You shouted, handing it to me. You deliberately used the most abrasive tone You could, knowing that it embarrassed and excited me.

my hand shaking slightly, i took the wand and touched it to my barely covered penis. Immediately You could see my penis tighten and my hips move. Minutes later, when i lowered the vibrator, You snapped, “I didn’t tell you that you could stop.”

Looking at the floor, i slowly moved the wand back toward my erection. “Look at Me,” You said.

i slowly looked up and stared into Your eyes. You returned my stare, then lowered Your eyes to the vibrating wand, now slowly moving back toward my crotch. “Spread your feet apart,” You said, and i did. “Show me.”

“What?” i asked.

“Show Me what makes you hottest. Touch the vibrator to all those places that your fingers know so well.”

“But –”

“No talking. Show me.”

Reluctantly i touched the tip of the wand to the crotch of my briefs. You watched my knees almost buckle. “Have you ever felt anything like that before?”

When i shook my head, Your grin widened. God, You loved teaching me everything. “Good. Move it around until you find the best places. Press hard if it feels good that way, or touch yourself very lightly. Learn about your penis.”

Your eyes didn’t leave the toy as i moved it around. Finally, You glanced up and watched my eyes close. “Please,” i whispered, my entire body trembling.

“Please what?”

“i can’t stand it anymore.”

You took my hand. “Come inside.” You quickly removed my soaked briefs and stretched me out on Your bed. “Now, continue.”

As You watched my back arch, You pulled off Your clothes. Straddling my legs, You took the toy from me and mounted me, forcing Your moist vagina onto my penis. Holding totally still, You handed me the vibrator and said, “Touch yourself while you’re inside Me. I want to feel you come.”

When the toy reached my testicles, You could feel the vibrations, but You wanted to feel more. “Are you close?”

“God, yes,” i answered.

“Then let it go. I want it.”

i touched the wand to my testicles and You felt the tiny spasms grow in strength until my penis was being squeezed along its entire length. When i began to writhe, You pressed Your hands against my hipbones to keep me still, reveling in the feel of my climax. As i called out Your name, You released Your hold and let Your body go. With only a few thrusts You came.

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  1. Wonderful! That’s exactly the kind of experience I would love with a beautiful Mistress like you.

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