4 thoughts on “Submission Quote

  1. Love it, and so very true. The hottest most intense submission I ever received was from An incredible inherently alpha make , who CHOSE to give it to me. Awesome !!

  2. MIstress Rebecca, Yes, so true. Alpha males who choose to submit properly is so freakin hot!! Thank you for commenting – I love seeing other Mistress’s here. 🙂

  3. I often wonder if the alpha businessman is the role I’m necessitated to play in the outside world just to be successful and not who I really am. In fact, perhaps the real me IS the obedient slave/servant to a wonderfully dominant woman.

    • I personally think you can serve whether you are alpha or not, it is unrelated. My vanilla job doesn’t define Me or you. What defines you, in My world, is how well you serve Me. I personally would rather find a slave who would give up the fancy life to live simply just to be sure I was pleased and served properly EVERYDAY. A fancy life is fun, but if I am alone and NOT served properly, then who cares.

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