Still in Chastity for Mistress Tina!!

I have been caged now for almost two weeks, and the feeling to cum, to want to cum is beyond description. Every waking moment has become pure torture at this point. Mistress Tina certainly knows this, and does things to make sure that my suffering is maximized. Little things, like giving me her wet panties to play with, after they have been on her body all day. Other things like just watching her shower, and then there is servicing her pussy with my tongue until she has cum to her satisfaction. She will call me during the day and tell me how much she is looking forward to my tongue later.

The other night, we went out, and she had my key hung from her pussy ring, no panties of course… She made sure I could see it as she bent over at times. My cock throbbed all night long wanting to get out. I watched flirt with other men, and women and then we went home. She knew without even asking how excited I was, and simply laid back on the bed, spread her legs, and I found her already soaking wet. I knew she was either thinking about my being caged, or who she was flirting with.

We are both home most of the week, and that means that I have various duties to perform when we are alone. I am summoned via a text message if I am elsewhere in the house. Usually it is to take care of her after she has used the toilet. I am required to lick her clean, completely clean. There are times when it is not too bad, and there are other times that I just want to get through it. She of course knows this, and will make some statement or threat of how if I don’t do a good job, she will add days. This can happen a few times a day of course.

When I am eventually let out, I know that my orgasm will be well worth all that I endured. Until then, I do my best to please her, her magnificent body, and her exquisite mind….

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3 thoughts on “Still in Chastity for Mistress Tina!!

  1. That is awesome!! I absolute LOVE a man who is frustrated and wanting to cum !!!! But CAN NOT. Mistress Tina is truly My new Super-Girl. Hang in there friend, we all look forward to your cage removal.

  2. Wow two weeks…… The longest I have been in is 5 days…I became more affectionate…. And super sensitive to even the slightest touch ….and when I was allowed to release it was the best orgasm ever

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