Still in Chastity

DSC01045Mistress Lynne, I wanted to let you know I am still locked up, though I have switched to the plastic lock as it takes away a need for the emergency key. My wife thought she lost the key when she emptied her purse out. So now she has both the keys and the plastic locks are locked in a laptop case with the lock on. I hope you are well, I am holding up okay and am really without discomfort. I had to take a pee test yesterday and was given the option of taking it off for that but I decided to leave it on and thankfully this was not an issue. I am a bit disappointed my wife is still not really into it. She had not wanted me to pleasure her and I even offered to please her anally! Please help me to get her more into this. I attached a picture too as I have been talking about this with you for months now I felt I should at least prove to you that I am indeed locked up!

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