Stable Boy

It’s very quiet and peaceful in the parlour room of Mistress Lynne’s home. Looking out, through the bars of the temporary cage, i can see various items of furniture, most notable is Mistress’s purple chair. I’ve been here for more than an hour, having been led from the bad boy cage on a leash, by Mistress Kira. At the moment, Mistress Lynne has nine slaves in the bad boy cage, so i’m enjoying the free space, and the ability to be able to crawl around unhindered. While i wait for the great privilege of worshiping Mistress Lynne, i recall the circumstances of how i first entered Her world, and how my life would change forever.
I’d had various girlfriends in my previous life, (that’s life before i became one of Mistress’s stable boys), but once the relationships became serious, and my ex girlfriends wanted some commitment, i would always get cold feet and breakup with them. Commitment, wasn’t for me! On the whole i dated strong women, but most didn’t seem that way when i first met them. But as the relationship progressed they’d insist, “No you can’t watch football with the boys,” or “No you can’t go drinking with the boys, what about me?” “Why don’t you move in with me, instead of just staying for the weekend?” “You need to grow up!” That was the beginning of the end. No woman was going to tell me what to do, no woman was going to control me… or so i thought. After the breakup, i’d sometimes go up to two years without dating. I would work hard, chill with friends and enjoy myself until i met someone else. That’s how it was… But things were about to change!
I had a phone call from Rachel, who’s a friend of my last girlfriend, who i finished with months previous to this. My last girlfriend, Sarah, took rejection badly, but had recently started dating some new guy. Rachel said she’d like to meet me for a drink, and introduce me to someone. I thought it was strange, but i said ok. A few days later i entered the bar that we had arranged to meet in. I noticed Rachel sat over the far side, she was next to another woman, so i walked over to join her. She introduced me to her friend, an attractive woman who was dressed very smartly. “Hi, pleased to meet you.” I said. We ordered drinks and chatted for a while about various things. Then Rachel announced she had to leave early, because her young daughter was unwell. So we said goodbye to her, and off she went. Rachel’s friend was intelligent, confident and assertive. She told me Sarah had told her everything about me, how i lacked commitment and how i had broke Sarah’s heart. She told me that no man would be allowed to treat her like that! Men worshiped the ground she walked on and men adored her. There was something about her i liked, but i couldn’t put my finger on it, this woman takes no shit! “Why don’t you come over to my place next Friday, say 7:30 sharp.” she said. “Yes, that would be nice, thanks.” She handed me a folded sheet of paper. “That’s my address, don’t be late, or you’ll be punished.” I looked at her. “I’m only joking.” She started to laugh, stood up and went on her way. I looked at her address and noticed above it, the words Mistress Lynne. Mistress?
At 7:30 on the dot i knocked on the door of Mistress Lynne’s mansion, She opened the door and invited me in. As we walked through the hallway She stopped, looked at me and asked “Are you a good boy or a bad boy?” And the rest as they say, is history….I now belong to Mistress Lynne. The wait is over in the temporary cage, i can hear Mistress in the distance, i adjust my collar and prepare to worship Her. My heart starts racing, i feel euphoric and alive, i adore and worship my Goddess… Now, i must please Her again.
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One thought on “Stable Boy

  1. You’re not going anywhere now secret slave. you can run and hide but NOW you are simply locked in a cage! I figured this was the best way to keep you at bay. I am still deciding whether or not you are a good boy or a bad boy so you have remained in the temporary cage in My parlor room for some time and I have kind of taken a liking to you. When you see Me, I know your tail wags. I see it in your submissive eyes. Welcome to My purple playground. 😉

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