St. Yegg Part 4 – Taking a Man’s Virginity

St. Yegg and I were tired, to say the least. He had just taken 17 shots of cum into his mouth, watched Me take down all the jealous stable boys, experienced Mistress Lynne getting fucked by the well endowed stable boy named slave j., and all this after a good 5 hour drive from NYC We needed to eat. As I guided my four-legged slave back from the stable into the parlor room, I knew this was going to be a very long, exhausting day of use for all of us at the Mistress Lynne mansion. It had already been such a long day of events and the freaking interruptions from the disruptive stable boys certainly did not help!
Now back into the parlor with St. Yegg, I removed his purple leash, “Face to the floor hole”, I said as I pushed the back of his head with the palm of My hand with just enough force that let St. Yegg know this party was NOT over. Now with St. Yegg again in his worship slave pose, facing the floor, I could re-gain My composure. I sat at the make-up mirror in the parlor room. I had recently had My house slave attach some little purple Christmas lights around the edge of the huge round mirror. He had done such a fine job that now when I sat to relax and examine Myself, it was if I was a pretty purple angel with a hue of warm purple light glowing all around My Mistress self. I always felt warm and fuzzy when I sat at this mirror and I enjoyed seeing Myself with a purple hue all around Me. “St. Yegg, you may rise, I want you to come in front of Me and kneel on your knees”. “Yes Mistress” replied St. Yegg and, just as asked, he did so.
With St. Yegg now kneeling on his knees in front of Me with his hands crossed behind his back, I took a good look at him. He was a blank slate, like a blank canvas that needed some color. “St. Yegg”, I said “Yes Mistress” replied St. Yegg. “How do you FEEL?” I asked. St Yegg looked at Me straight in the eye almost unsure how to answer….. I mean what do you say to your Mistress when she actually asks how you feel about an afternoon of extended use. “Mistress?” responded St. Yegg “with all due respect, my Queen, I don’t understand, Mistress Lynne, my Goddess”. I responded with a clear and distinctive tone, bent down just slightly in my parlor room chair located at My purple circle mirror, with My large breasts just eye level to him, I raised My right hand and WHAP from the back of My right hand and WHAP from the front of right My hand… “Are you fucking stupid St. Yegg?” and this time I raised My left hand and WHAP from the back of My left hand and WHAP from the front of left My hand…. St. Yegg took the strong blows from Me with no complaint or reaction, he responded “Yes, Mistress, I am well. Your presence in front of Me is all I need for strength for what I know will be coming soon”. “Good” I said as I slightly, very slowly opened My nyloned legs spread eagle in front of the face of St. Yegg. I did this just as a tease, I had no intention of putting the mouth of St. Yegg on My very wet pussy even if over a pair of shiny tan nylons. Oh no ! “St.Yegg I want you to turn around, stand, and face My purple wall with your hands above you”. With no resistance, St. Yegg did just that.
Now with St. Yegg spread eagerly against the purple wall in My parlor room, it was time to get to business. I looked one last time at myself in the purple circle mirror and decided it was time for Me to change out of My purple corset and into a black shiny silver cocktail dress, black 5 inch leather heel shoes, and a fresh pair of tan nylons straight from the package St. Yegg had sent Me previously. I looked at the receipt of the items St. Yegg had sent to Me for his use, a pair of tan nylons $68.00 and a purple 8 inch quality strap on with a purple leather harness engraved – saying “Slut to Mistress Lynne, Always and Forever. St. Yegg” – $389.00. That’s all there was in St. Yegg’s box of use. I have to say before a session, I have never had such a small box of items wanting to be used on the slave and there is ALWAYS some gift that is given that makes Me feel more feminine and womanly, like chocolate, flowers, jewelry, a sexy outfit, anything. Seemed like a great reason to be completely insulted! I mean, do I look like some sort of girl who fucks men in their assholes with a big purple strap on!? Seriously! I am just so sick of this confusion.
With this cute tight-fitting shiny silver and black cocktail dress, my new tan nylons, and My black leathered high heel shoes, it was time to wear this strap on and see how the fit was. St. Yegg still pinned against the purple wall just as commanded, he could not see a thing. I looked at myself in the mirror with a purple hue all around me and I took my right leg, placed it in the strap on harness, and then My left, the same, then pulling the purple leather harness over my nylons and up towards My waist, hips, and ass just where it belonged. I tightened the clasp and realized that this beautiful 8 inch purple strap on with purple leather harness engraved as appropriate was made for Me, literally. St Yegg had taken note of My body and curves and he had this harness and strap on made for Mistress Lynne. It fit perfect and My very hard and thick purple dildo swung around with My cocktail dress catching My new purple erection and laying on My new dick unable to flatten as the dress would if I didn’t have a cock like that of a well hung man.
I stared at myself for a few more moments in the purple mirror. “Is this all you got Me St. Yegg?!” I said as I picked up My small purple crop I kept lying around on My make-up mirror for slaves doing My hair or preparing My dress for the day. And I very quickly walked firmly and swiftly towards the purple wall in which St. Yegg was patiently standing at. I unbuckled his pants immediately and as they dropped to the floor, I grabbed his panties with My other hand and ripped those down off him, and with one quick millisecond WHAP – a quick hard hot hit to his virgin ass as I then grabbed the hair at the top of his head and with full force took his pitiful self over to purple chair in front of the mirror I was just at and I again had him kneel on his knees in front of Me but this time, I was in a black and silver tight fitted short cocktail dress, the tan nylons he had purchased for Me, and the purple strap on and purple leather harness he had custom-made for his visit with Me. My purple 8 inch cock holding up My cocktail dress, St. Yegg had no choice but to face that cock face on. “open your eyes wide St. Yegg, I am so sick of your anxiety, talking, writing, emailing, phone calls, wooing, love notes, poetry, stories, pictures, and talking. NO MORE ST. YEGG.” And with that I slowly glided My new 8 inch purple cock into the mouth of St. Yegg with force and ease as St. Yegg willingly opened his mouth nice and wide taking the thick head of my 8 inch purple cock with no complaints. I stood above him, he looked up at me with his eyes open as if to see what My reaction was to his swallowing of My big purple cock. “Close your eyes, St. Yegg, you fucking slut, what the fuck do I care about some emotional fucking experience with your sorry ass. You don’t deserve to look at Me wearing this nice big, thick, purple cock. This cock is no more important than the other 13 cocks you have sucked on today, you disgusting little slut maggot hole. You think I care about you, who you are, what you do in your life, yours travels – fucking suck that purple cock”. I said as I forced My purple cock in and out of St. Yegg’s mouth. To be honest, I felt like slapping St. Yegg. I have had such a shitty day and really, I blamed St. Yegg for it. If he didn’t show up at the Mistress Lynne mansion desiring to suck on as many cocks as he could in a short period of time and willing to make such contribution towards our cause, none of the chaos that went on in the stable with the jealous stable boys would have happened. I was tired, hungry, and thirsty. Is this really how a Mistress is supposed to feel? No, no it isn’t.
I took My purple cock out of the mouth of St. Yegg and slapped him with it across his face 4 or 5 times, his wet thick saliva now running down his cheeks. I grabbed the head of St. Yegg again and very forcefully bent him over My knees and began spanking him over and over, “who do you think you are coming on My property and creating such disruption!” I said as I hit St. Yegg so fucking hard with the palm of My right hand, over and over and over. When my hand began to hurt, I picked up My smaller purple cane I had previously chose to use on St. Yegg and continued his beating. Over and over and over. St. Yegg pinned to My knees taking My pain like the good school boy slave he had been trained to be over all the years in his submission.
When the ass of St. Yegg was bright red, I moved into other things. Getting on a good pair of latex purple gloves, I began to finger the asshole of St. Yegg – first with one finger, then two, then finally three. When done I said “Go slaveboy, go ride that purple dildo”. As I pointed to a purple dildo attached firmly to a chair to the left of Me. And as I finished My hair, makeup, nails, and toenails, St. Yegg rode the purple dildo right next to Me, up and down, getting his virgin asshole ripe and ready for My next move.
Finally, I stood up. My slaveboy still riding the purple dildo attached to the chair to the left of Me, I took his purple leash and attached it once again to his purple collar “come on slaveboy, let’s go” I said as I led St. Yegg to the door of the parlor room and opened it. There was Mistress Kira with all of My 13 stable boys, each and every one of them on fours, no cock cages, and each lined up with their nose in the ass of the slave in front of them with slave j. in the front as he was, of course, the most well endowed slave in the stable currently. “Come on in” I said as I opened the door and Mistress Kira led all 13, now very well-behaved, stable boys into My parlor room and lined them all up against the purple wall. St. Yegg watched, as I did, the parade of well-behaved stable boys now entering the parlor room and lining up in front of us. The stable boys took one look at Me in My brand new purple leather harness and strap on holding the purple leash of St. Yegg in My left hand and not one had one peep come from their pathetic slaveboy mouths. It was as if the holy mother Mary came down and a light shined above and let all 14 slaveboys now in My parlor room know who is boss. A woman with a cock attached is not a wrath any man can come down from. A cock commands control, dominance, strength, power, and now an alpha male faced with a woman who has a cock seems as if they have found what true power and strength is. It’s not a man with a cock, it’s a woman with a cock. Yes, that’s right a woman with a purple cock has all control and power needed to seduce even the toughest of alpha males.
So there I stood in front of My 13 stableboys, St. Yegg to My left, and My hard 8 inch purple cock hanging from My pelvis area, I walked St. Yegg to a use table that I once had a carpenter make especially for Me. All I have to do is lock in My slave, his head and then both his arms, and I use his mouth as I wish over and over at the perfect placement for oral use. I had only used this device a couple of times and I felt this would be a good time to keep the joy going on around the Mistress Lynne mansion. There had been so far 17 shots of cum into the mouth of St. Yegg, so why stop? 4 of these hot stableboys had already cum twice into the mouth of St. Yegg. “St. Yegg”, I said “I want to see you suck and deep throat and swallow all of the medicine I am prescribing for you today” and with that I called over slave j. who began, in machine gun order, to walk over as commanded by Me for My personal pleasure to cum into the mouth of St. Yegg. And each did, but this time, this was a pathetic attempt to cum. Some of the stableboys were great and yet others almost seemed as if they had to fake their orgasm but each man did successfully cum in their own right, again, into the mouth of St. Yegg. Another 13 shots of fresh hot man cum for St. Yegg who sucked on and took cock like the true subslut he is and the reason he came to the Mistress Lynne mansion.
“Ok stableboys, I want you all in your cockcages in two minutes” and immediately, with no instruction, all the stableboys said in unison “Yes Mistress Lynne” as they got down on all fours put their noise into the ass of the slave in front of them and scooted out properly back to the very cold stable with Mistress Kira following close behind them with the master chastity to assist in putting the stabeboys back into chastity.
I looked at My pathetic visiting sub St Yegg who was obviously exhausted from sucking on so much cock and had taken so many shots of cum in a short amount of time for My personal pleasure and amusement, it seemed ridiculous to keep him naked inside that silly wooden device any longer. So I released him and St. Yegg fell to the ground from being so tired from his continued fucking off his male mouth. He immediately rose to all fours and said “Sorry Mistress, Yes Mistress” and he hobbled a bit until he found his balance. I could see that he had male cum all over his face, eyes, hair, cheeks, mouth, lips, and he seemed to be choking up cum just a bit. “Fucking Disgusting ! ” I said out loud. “Yes Mistress” said St. Yegg. “No idiot,’ I said ” I mean it, you fucking disgust Me. Look at you. You little piece of shit”. I kicked St. Yegg with My black leather 5 inch heel and he forced himself to keep his balance despite wanting to fall over. “Is this what you wanted?! You worm…” I asked. “Yes Mistress” replied St. Yegg. Really I had nothing more to say to this idiot of a man who runs a fortune 500 company. I know who he is, I know who all My alpha male slaves are. I don’t fuck around. It’s funny to think that little Ole Me, Mistress Lynne, can bring such a man to his knees. In the case of a man like this, I think over 25 shots of cum to his mouth by his oral use would do it, right? Well, you would think that. But that pathetic little piece of shit with a bright red ass, man cum now all over his face truly just thinks “When will that 8 inch purple thick rock hard cock that I have been staring at all through the past 2 hours enter My virgin asshole?” Dirty fucking BOYS. You know he’s thinking it. All fucking used up, rotten, dirty, cum licking mother fucker thinks I, MISTRESS LYNNE, would even dare touch his dirty little virgin ass. Oh no!! I’m hungry, and this whole thing really disgust Me.
“St. Yegg, I want you to take some time and get ready to take Me to a late lunch. I am hungry.” St. Yegg, I could tell, thought this was a great idea. Even a man with a dirty mind, dirty life, has to eat. I excused him for 10 minutes of free time to get ready. I removed My 8 inch purple strap on and hid it in My closet. My cocktail dress now allowed to flow as it would naturally showing nicely – my womanly curves. I was ready to go and My purple hue from My circle mirror said I looked great!! A true purple Goddess. I smiled and waited patiently for St. Yegg and in 8 minutes, he was transformed into a VERY handsome, well dressed man who you know you just need to be seen with. He held a position of power in his aura but his submission to Me was clear. He may be standing as we go to lunch but this makes him no less submissive to Me because it is Me who is allowing him to take Me to lunch. I expect a man to be one! Even in his submission to Me, I certainly train real men how to be truly submissive despite their positions of power. I certainly don’t feel comfortable not being a woman and I am a woman who loves the strength in character of a devoted strong submissive man. So, seeing St. Yegg go from the slut he was to the man of power who would take Me to lunch, gave Me an idea.
St. Yegg took Myself and Mistress Kira in his BMW green convertible which had one spare tire attached due to his break down on the highway on the way to My mansion. None the less, he took us to a beautiful Italian restaurant where he ordered everything on the menu just so we could try it. Of course, St Yegg did not eat and eventually, I did make it into the restroom with a white wine glass in hand. I peed. While peeing, I thought if St. Yegg and his extensive use during the day. I filled the glass full of My nectar, fresh warm pee straight from inside My body to offer it as a gift. When done, I layed down the wine glass, wiped Myself dry, and picked up the glass. While walking out of the bathroom, patrons of the restaurant wonder why I came from the bathroom holding a glass a dark white wine, I did receive a couple of looks. But, no one was the wiser and when I came back to the table where St. Yegg and Mistress Kira remained seated, I placed the wine glass full of My nectar in front of St. Yegg and sat down.
“St. Yegg, I want you to consider staying overnight at My purple mansion. I have decided your virginity shall be popped by use of a real man, but not just one, but MANY and I promised Mistress Kira she would witness a real gang-bang tonight.” St. Yegg seemed shocked, his use had already been so much, and his plan to be fucked was by use of a purple cock worn by Me. A gang bang where his virgin ass is used over and over by multiple men was not what he had intended. He mustered up enough courage and said “with all due respect Mistress Lynne, I am not sure I can do that, My Goddess”. I looked at him, so innocently with My dark brown eyes and replied “OK St. Yegg, when you are prepared to agree, you can do so by saying absolutely nothing and taking a sip of that lovely nectar I have brought for you”. St. Yegg took one more look at Me, looked down at the wine glass I had placed in front of him and took a sip. I smiled.
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