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I have played and watched sports for as long as I can remember, I was fortunate enough to play at a level that few people ever reach. Now I enjoy any pickup game or watching just about any game in my free time, but it is not earth shattering to miss a bruins regular season game, or anyof the other pro-team games, aside from perhaps the playoffs.

Mistress is not a big sports fan, in fact I think my love of sports is the quality in me she loaths the most, so I found it odd when she started to ask me questions about baseball and the Red Sox inparticular. Perhaps she has gotten cought up in the World Series Fever, I was not about to question it.

It’s the day of the game and Mistress informs me that I will be watching the game at her house. I arrived just a few moments before first pitch and greated Mistress, undressed and presented myself for inspection and I was then lead into the TV room where there was a home made set of wooden saw horses although they were a little lower to the crownd and joind with woden planks and at one end a half moon cut out and restrains on all four legs. Misstress told me to bend over in position for my restrains so I did and she just laughed…” you didn’t think you were actually going to get to watch the game …..did you?” I had to get up and position my self facing the otherway so my ass was the only thing facing the flat screen tv on the wall, and my cock and balls still iin a cock cage were dangiling through the half moon cut out.

I could hear the announcers finishing up the pregame as they were now ready for first pitch.

The Sox being the home team took the feild first and the first pitch is thrown, and I hear from the TV ” ball one just outside” and with that I feel a flick to my balls…… it is strike one followed by a firm paddle off of my left ass cheek………Mistress found a way to love watching sports, for everything that could happen in a game she had a corresponding action …..I never saw even a glimps of the TV during the game yet I can recall every single play that happened……there was no grand slam that night i can only imagine what would have been in store for me then…..there still remains aat least one ore sox game this year and Misttress has been asking questions about the Bruins and Patriots and some of the rules in those sports…..she really seemed to like the football penalties like encrouchment and clipping as well as in hockey with slashing and boarding……but really only time will tell what the rest of the sprots season will bring.

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