MISTRESS LYNNE stared out the window. She was dissapointed that the snow was falling. 12 inches down and 12 more coming. She laughed as a few of her slaves were out shoveling but she was frustrated at having to stay in. She decided why not amuse herself. She walked over to the closet where i was naked and bound. She opened it, my eyes looked up at her “OUT slave” i struggled to come out. My hands were bound around my side with a rope that also was tied around my balls and my small cock hanging. MISTRESS walked and i followed her. She sat down, crossed her legs i faced her. She laughed at my tiny cock. “how pathetic, i figured having you locked up for days would make it easier to look at your pathetic body but i was wrong” “sorry MISTRESS” “dont be sorry, im stuck in the house so you may as well amuse me.” Just then Kyra came in and sat down. The women toyed with me and flicked my cock, then MISTRESS LYNNE whisphered something to KYRA, she laughed and got a huge smile on her face. Kyra stood up and began to untie me, they had a devlish grin on their face. Once untied Kyra pointed to the floor and i dropped to my knees. MISTRESS LYNNE stood, snapped her fingers and i followed her, she walked near back door and opened slider, the snow was massive on deck, she pointed outside “crawl out here and build a snowman slave” i thought the request was strange but i would never disobey so my naked body crawled outside.
The women watched and smiled as my frozen body built a snowman, a quick glance at them i was jelous as i could see the steam coming off their hot chocolate. My body shivered as i struggled. I had it all built, a pretty good one if i must say so myself. MISTRESS lynne opened the door and told me to come in, as i did Kyra had put her coat on and went outside. MISTRESS LYNNE bound my hands by my side again. i was helpless as my small penis just laid there. She opened door again, Kyra was standing there, im not sure what she did, I quickly knelt to clean the snow off her boots as she came in and pushed me outside. I struggled to stand with my ropes. MISTRESS LYNNE then unveiled her surprise, Kyra had made a hole in the snowman, “ok Slave, i have a treat for you, i want you to have sex with the snowman and make it good” I could hear both ladies laugh as the slider closed. I looked at them, MISTRESS pointed to snowman and snapped her fingers, I looked at her as i was embarrassed, she pointed again, I approached snowman, my now small cock was as big as it was going to get.
I slowly stuck it in, MISTRESS yelled faster, i tried, She was a little mad so she put her coat on and came out with her crop and whipped my ass, i went in and out in and out of hole, Her and Kyra laughed at me, Some of the other slaves had made their way around back to shovel and noticed, they of course were terrified they were next, as embarrassed as i was the thought that i was pleasesing MISTRESS LYNNE soothed my mind, She watched as i went in and out in and out. Their laughter filled the air, With her boot she then pushed me forward thrusting me in and held me there. Kyra took a rope and tied it around me, I was now stuck inside snowman, Mistress Patted me on the head, “now stay here and think about it slave, this storm just got amusing. ” i heard the slider close……
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  1. submanct, had such a great time watching you f*ck that snowman. A pathetic accuse of a man so desperate to serve – you are willing to f*ck the snowman you built for My amusement. Now you shall sleep in the good boy cage.

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