Smoking Hot Mistress – French Subslut

human-ashtray-09“I’m here, in the black, since long hours. I know my mistress will arrive to dominate me, but i don’t know when… I am blindfold, so i can’t see anything around me, and don’t see her arrive near me.
I listen, there’s a sound of her shoes arriving just in front of me. I listen she light a cigarette, and she blow her smoke in my face. I don’t like that odour, but i love when she do that to me… It just hard not to see her, she’s so beautiful when she smokes…
– Open that mouth pathetic subslut! You’re just here to serve me as my personal ashtray!
I obey, open my mouth, and feel the ash in my tongue.
– Don’t swallow it for one moment, i like watching you like that!
She continue smoking and blowing in my face.
She walk her cigarette in my chest, insisting on my nipples, i can’t do anything but cry.
– Shut up subslut!
Suddenly, my mistress spit on my mouth.
– Oh yeah subslut, you’re not just my personal ashtray, you have the honour to serve me also as my personal spittoon! Thank me for that! And prepare that mouth, my cigarette is almost done, i’ll put it in your tongue!
It’s horrible! My tongue is in pain! But i don’t forget to thank her for giving me this beautiful gift from her.
Then she go, telling me :
– hope you like the ash, i’ve got a lot of friends who arrive soon, and you’ll serve us as our ashtray and our spitton for all the night…”
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