Small Sissy Dick Humiliation


jkhkYesterday, I received this picture. Yuck……. I can not believe all the small dicks in this world. It is hard to imagine that these men can even walk the planet earth. They really should just be tagged with a purple piece of cloth by big alpha males with huge cocks dressed in black suits wearing purple ties. Then taken to a large field and shot at gunpoint. Once taken from this physical world, their small dicks should be severed from their lifeless body and their tiny cocks then hung with a clothes pin on a laundry line for all of the world to make fun their bloody severed small cocks.
I have received yet ANOTHER clitty photo. It makes Me wonder. If these men with these tiny little cocks became a woman, even then – They wouldn’t be able to take a big cock!!!! Their penis is so small that even turning it into a full-blown vagina will result in an inability to take a normal size big alpha male cock!!! These small dick men really are truly USELESS.
So, I propose that men such as the one in the picture that was recently sent to Me just be exterminated by an ugly fat man with a big huge cock who kills cockroaches for a living. This penis is no bigger than a cockroach and it makes Me feel about the same way I do when I see a cockroach. I just want to scream at the top of My lungs in sheer FEAR that it may come near Me and touch Me. So I jump up onto the highest point of the room until a man with a very large dick comes and saves Me from the nightmare!!!!
Seriously, what are we to do with all these small dick men. How do they even pro-create? Do they trick woman?
The only men that should be allowed to pro-create, in My opinion, should be men with large dicks, big balls, who are 100% submissive to their Queen. Boy babies being born with a penis that will never grow is a medical emergency. We really need to consider a pill, approved by the governments, that allows men with small dicks to choose to take the pill that will ultimately kill them.
The sissyboys of the world, well, that is such a deserving name to be called. Sissyboy…. If you still live on planet earth with a small dick, you should consider, like this man with this incredibly small penis to be completely humiliated with the TRUTH. You are just to small to even be considered a man, you should never be allowed to cum, you should be abused, forced to be feminine, made fun of, given pain beyond your strength, and then fucked in the ass like the little slut you are.
Mistress Lynne 3/6/14
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10 thoughts on “Small Sissy Dick Humiliation

  1. I have a sissy clitty and because of it, the only sex I have is sucking cock and getting fucked in the ass. I’m not even gay, but I know that because I have a horrible excuse for a cock, that the only sex I can be involved in is not just gay sex, but submissive gay sex to be more specific.

      • Mistress, you are absolutely right. It is an excuse. I need to learn how to embrace the fact that I suck cock because I LOVE COCK AND I GO SO GAY WHEN SUCKING COCK!!!! Not because I can’t get a woman. Can you help me be open about this?

      • I think boys with little dicks should get hormone treatments to try to grow them bigger when they are still in the right age range where this can be done.

        If they get to their mid teens and it is still a shrimp dick the boys should be sat down and talked to about life, dick size, what women really want, and what the boys want from life. Maybe start dressing them in skirts, make up, etc. and see how they take to being feminized. Have a lady take them away for a weekend, away from all their friends, doll them up and teach them about anal sex, and oral sex.

  2. I’m a sissy I accept it. I have a sissy penis that’s tiny and is only 1.5 inches when erect. When I cum it just drips a little and I freeze it to save to eat when it acumulates. If Mistress Lynne allows I can send her a picture of my tiny Winnie

  3. I am kept in a very custom chastity due to my small wee – wee. When let out I am milked then have to eat it. I have not been forced to be with another man but last night I was tied over a small end table and she had two other men breed me and I had to suck the other while being bread. I am still sore and cried all night.

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