The sissy subslut party, an unexpected ending to a grand event !! By Mistress Lynne

It was a great day ! The freezing cold weather had finally broke and the warm sun had made the temperatures a whooping 58 degrees ! It was like heaven on earth!! After months and months of nothing but freezing cold weather, snow storms, and more snow storms and then more freezing cold weather and then yet another snow storm, I think everyone was just DONE with being inside.
I had been planning this event for some time, creating a waiting list and exploring the interest in this kind of “party”. This is a one of a kind type of event, a PIG, a man of noble status wishes to be used over and over, to be forced to milk as many cocks as possible, become nothing but a messy pile of man-cum all for the personal pleasure of his Mistress Lynne.
This was not an easy task to complete. The work involved was really quite extreme. After the waiting list was completed, men had to pre-screened, approved by Me, and then a short interview would take place by phone. I would ask each participant the following question “What is your idea to use the PIG?” – From there, I scheduled a time for that cockslut to come use the PIG and depending on his answer to that question, he would be scheduled accordingly. He was told that the location of the use of the purple hooded cockslut PIG would be disclosed at 9AM the day of the sissy cockslut party.
So, finally it was the day of the sissy cock slut party. The PIG and I had been through 3 training sessions together already. We had become comfortable with one another and had a plan for the big event. I had also planned for Me to be the Leader in this odd event. I had subs who would not be used sexually but would instead be in charge of picking up the soda pop, pickles, dip and soda. Another sub in charge of the locked chest where people’s personal items would be kept safe. Each man as they entered given the option to undress and place their personal items in the bag so that they may be more comfortable in their use of the PIG. Some men would want time alone with the PIG, others would want a crowd to watch them use the PIG, and others (the more submissive ones) would want to be “forced” into the use of the PIG.
For this particular session, the submissive men were not overly a concern to Me. My goal was ultimately to have as many men use My PIG and leave their cum on him. My desired end result was really to make the guineas book of world records of the first man of such nobel status to have 1,987 shots of cum on him after 4 hours of being tied to a king size hotel bed and hooded purple for Mistress Lynne.
But, I did have a nice special evening plan for 7 very special submissive men who got to witness and experience a sweet, romantic, and candle lit ceremony that ultimately ended the session with a grand finale like no other. 🙂
(I know you regular readers are just dyeing to know what My evil little mind has in store now)
So, anyway, finally the day for the sissy subslut party came and I was ready. I checked into My lovely hotel room, provided to Me for the week by the PIG himself. Nothing but the best from him. He understood what a rarity it is when life brings Mistress Lynne who agrees to volunteer for such a grand event. I say volunteer because this is a consensual sex act from all parties, not an illegal prostitute scam. However, the PIG, of course, sponsored the party and I agreed because of this.
I had a grand time at the hotel, talking on the phone about people’s use of the PIG the next day, confirming time and place, and then, a knock on the door. I went over and opened it. There was My PIG, looking all hot and handsome, just had gotten out of work and looking very vanilla and sexy “Hi Mistress Lynne, may I enter?” “Of course slaveboy” I said as he entered My lovely hotel room. “I like your hotel room” he said. “Thank you” I replied. My PIG went and sat on the desk chair and looked at My computer screen which had a screenshot of My website . “How are you?” I asked. “I am so excited Mistress Lynne, may I take you to dinner?” He asked. “Yes, of course” I replied never declining an offer for dinner at a nice restaurant in a town I know no one and hardly get to visit often enough. So, dressed and ready to go, off to dinner we went. We talked like two pals sitting on the football stands in highschool wrapped up in a warm purple blanket. We both knew what was happening tomorrow but we were both ready for this scene.
The next day, it was go-time. My subs showed up as they should and played out their respective roles. One sub in charge of the chips, dips, soda pop, and pickles. Another in charge of the locked chest, another watching the hotel door from the outside and keeping a look out for safety and security. Another in charge of My safety and kneeled before Me at all times (he was the strongest and most handsome of them all, of course). Another sub in charge of the “list” and who was coming at what time. And lastly a sub on the phone in case of last-minute call in’s. These subs were used in this way and would not be used sexually throughout the day.
The day went well. My PIG came in for use, we warmed up and then through a ritual where I proceeded to get him naked, mask him in purple and tie him securely to the king size hotel bed. The room was a suite and so the party would be calm and normal in the living room and the bedroom a dedicated space for the use of the PIG.
And throughout the day, this is how it went. Men, lots of hot men, gay men, straight men, married men, single men, men who were very successful and attractive, men with families, men without families, men with small dicks, men with normal size dicks, one man with a big dick (he and I have a date set up), men wearing suits, and men wearing uniforms. Well, you get the idea. They would enter the room, be given a bag if they wanted to use it to place their stuff in, and be introduced to Me. At that point the man would offer onto Me his gift. This, of course, was a personal choice, but as I am volunteering for this consensual sex event, it only makes sense these men would want to encourage Me to do it again and again. So, of course, I accept gifts up to $10,000 (unless that tax law has changed recently). Some men would bring flowers, others jewelry, some candy, a couple nice outfits, coffe machine, blender, a funny T-Shirt, a purple pottery box, sex toys, a trip to NYC, and some fine wine. I think I got a wedding worth of gifts and I enjoyed the variety in that. Made the day a grand success.
Soon after the offering of a gift to Mistress Lynne for bringing together such a nobel PIG and a lot of slutty guys, they were then offered a soda and pickle, some chips and dip. We laughed because each man wondered why I chose those particular items for the sissy subslut party. They would ask some questions, I answered and once all was good they were told they could use the PIG. I would introduce My PIG and show his location. He already had loads of cum all over him and I would explain that this is the goal of the PIG and this is a consensual sex act between the two of them and then excuse Myself. Sometime guys used the PIG together. Sometimes there were 9 men in the room at any one time, some men jerked off four times. But, My sub, that was keeping track of the subslut PIG and the loads of cum he took all over his masked purple face, his chest, legs, arms, his ass used over and over and over. His mouth used until he was numb. Men cumming on him like the cheap slut whore he really is deep down inside him. Anyway, My sub that was counting the loads of cum totaled only 632 shots.
But, there was one more last grand event. The finale. The submissive subslut party. I had spent the day hanging with man-sluts, it was time to have some fun. I had chosen ONLY seven very special submissive men from a contest I had promoted on My website. These 7 subsluts were chosen by popular vote.
My submissive volunteers changed into their butler costumes and prepared the room for dinner. A table was brought in, a white table-cloth, purple candles, purple rose petals scattered about, wine glasses, real silver, and a beautiful catered dinner from La Pepe’s, a fine Italian eatery. Nothing but the best for these alpha male subsluts. The dinner was top of the line – beautiful, romantic, and light.
They were to show for dinner at 5PM and each was to wear purple silk panties and a purple tie. I had a purple collar I put on each man as they entered, were greeted and sent to sit at the table. I sat at the head of the dinner table. Not one of the 7 submissive men knew what I was to do next. I had other submissive men serving them dinner and wine. The only Dominant at the table, in the room, the only woman was Me. I drank wine and looked at My boys and said absolutely nothing. They drank with Me and then had their glasses refilled. Then the appetizers, the salad, and the main course. I said nothing. We all ate, perfect service coming from My butler submissive’s, and the dinner was perfect….. And I said nothing. Just sitting there with 7 beautiful men collared purple for Me who at this point were fairly confused, each wanting to be the first to speak but not one man daring enough. They seemed to follow My lead well though.
Then, finally, the desert got served and out came these perfectly square very soft freshly baked brownie pieces. Each served on a purple desert dish and placed in front of the submissive men at the table but not one for Me. I was the only one without a brownie. I sat there and looked at them. I said nothing. Each man waited, not one picked up their spoon. It was about 6 minutes and finally I said “I need you all to stand”! Which they all did immediately like charged horses. There cocks were rock hard, all of course way too tiny for Me, but I am sure other girls certainly would waste their time. “What a waste” I said ” You all have small fucking dick’s, too tiny to fuck Me”. “Yes Mistress Lynne” they all said in unison. I continued “I need you all to masturbate and cum on that brownie, you have 3 minutes.” And with that I pushed the purple timer I had set on the table earlier.
The men did exactly as they were told with the butler submissive watching from behind. And when each man would release on their brownie, the butler submissive’s would take the cum soaked brownie away. When the 7 submissive’s were finished, I commanded they all crawl “Very fucking quickly in the bedroom and form a circle around the bed while kneeling”. And they all did just that.
What they saw in front of them was a man of noble stature most obviously a cum stained mess still tied to the king size hotel bed, hooded purple, and drenched in man-semen. A disgusting site of pure bliss to a cock-sucking sissy boy. In front of the bed was a mantel with purple candles and those 7 cum soaked brownies. Just waiting for a mouth to fill.
While standing in front of My 7 sublsuts I stated “I have 7 cum stained brownies here, I am going to give you all one opportunity to eat the brownie yourself”. With that, each man was put a brownie on the ground in front of them by the butler submissive’s, none of which were their own brownie. I said “Fucking eat that cum soaked brownie like a dog! This man took 632 shots of man-semen on him today, he has been like this for hours!!! I will let him go when all those brownies are eaten”.
Of course that took no time…..
“Good Boys!” I said smiling, purple whip now in hand. That nasty one I got shipped from Pakistan. “I have one more special surprise”. I left the room and soon entered a doctor and a hot nurse. I followed. “Doc,” I said “This man has been cummed on 632 times today and tied to this bed and used continuously…” while I said this – the hot nurse began taking out the medical equipment that would come next, my 7 sissy subsluts watched with great anticipation. And with a clear voice, I stated “I want you to castrate him! He is a fucking PIG sissy slut and doesn’t deserve balls”. I handed a signed contract over to one of the subsluts and had him read it aloud. It pretty much stated that My PIG agreed to his personal castration for My own personal pleasure and amusement. Signed and delivered. Agreed in front of his personal attorney.
I walked out of the room, left the doctor, the hot nurse, left My badly used PIG, left My 7 very lucky purple collared subsluts, the butler submissive’s, and I left the fucking room. I mean who wants to see an actual castration?!! I went down to the restaurant and had a Martini with that hot guy with a big dick from before.
🙂 And yes, I FUCKED him.
Mistress Lynne 3/18/14

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