Sissy on Cam

As the camera turned on, sissys cock came into view for was to be a two hour session of abuse and torture
She ordered balls to be tied and cock pegged for the start of the night.
Balls were tied and separated in full view with clip hanging from rope to attach anything Mistress desired. Cock had two pegs on each side along with one on the tip to prevent and precum from leaking out. Any and all fluids were to be eaten by sissy only and when mistress ordered and allowed.
This was part of mistress abuse. She now ordered nipples to be pegged and that they clips be horizontal. Every 15 minutes, the clips were to be rotated 90 degrees and left on again for 15 minutes.
One horizontal and one vertical, changing every 15 minutes for the duration of the cam session.
Sissy was to show the clips being moved for mistress approval.
Now the balls sack was nicely tight with the rope, mistress ordered a pail be attached to the clip hanging from the bottom of the sack. Two one pound water bottles were ordered placed in the pail for weight and stretching training. Of course Mistress enjoyed watching the discomfort this provided.
She ordered the pail to be swung back n forth between the legs. The weight was not too bad and as the swinging continued it was time for the nipple clips to be rotated while the swinging continued.
After a few minutes of swinging, Mistress ordered another 4 pounds of weight in the pail for a total of 6 pounds. This made the balls sack stretch tight under the restraint of the rope. Mistress was careful to watch the color of the balls to ensure they would not become damaged. Damaged balls would be of no use for her to torture and amuse herself.
Swinging again was the order, back and forth between the legs, again ordering the nipple clamps rotated. Finally another 4 pounds of weight were ordered for the pail bringing to just over 10 pounds as the pail was a large steel unit weighing at least 1-2 pounds itself. The strain was bringing load moans at this time and mistress ordered quiet as she disliked hearing moaning, but rather true painful screaming
Once again the swinging was ordered. Back and forth the 10-12 pounds swung suspended only by the tied balls. Amazing the strength of the skin to hold so much weight and torque. Major discomfort was setting in and mistress moaned as she cummed watching the balls abused and tortured.
After a few minutes, she allowed the weights to be removed as the balls were showing signs of stress and a nice blue color. Time to untie and prevent damage. While removing the weights and untying, the blood furiously returned causing even more discomfort, and as well time to rotate the nipple clamps. Nipples were beginning to get sore and getting a bit stretched as well which was for the viewing pleasure of mistress.
Now for the real fun of the night for mistress. An 8 inch dildo was placed on the chair for sissy to use. Mistress ordered sissy to lube and sit on it, riding up and down till it was fully inserted. Once in all the way mistress ordered sissys feet off the floor to allow his full weight on the dildo ensuring full insertion in his ass. She ordered him to stay like that for a few minutes hearing him moan once more. Again nipple clamps were ordered rotated.
She then ordered him off the dildo and to clean it. It was clean as he had an enema before the session as to not disturb mistress time by having to clean up at all.
Mistress then ordered the top inch or so of the dildo covered with icy hot. That made sissy nervous. He knew what mistress had in mind.
Mistress watched and said maybe 2-3 inches coverage would be better so sissy applied
Mistress then ordered sissy once again on the dildo. The lube effect made it slide inside quickly it felt ok initially, but within a few moments, the burning sensation began. It went from mild to major stinging very quickly and he moved about trying to get comfortable. Mistress laughed loudly in enjoyment watching him struggle with the icy hot in his ass suggesting that only
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