Sissy an alpha male for a perfect date to the fetish ball

Boy, I have to tell you going to the Fetish Ball with slave coco is no laughing matter. I needed to make sure he looked just right for the big event. When I got to him, he was all boy and that quickly had to change. I mean look at this guy as a man, he really just looks like a man you just want to sissy-up. A perfect specimen of an alpha male body dressed as the slut he really is. Publicly displaying his body through the use of slut girl clothes only seems natural to Me. I wouldn’t think anyone could possibly disagree.
So, again, his attire so important. The most painful heels, the littlest of skirts, the tightest of underwear, barely half a girl shirt, and a small jacket for winter warmth. His make-up must be done right as he is an alpha, he is all boy and it takes time and dedication to shave his entire body, head to toe, for his face and skin to be girlish, soft to touch, just like the slut-fuck he truly knows he is and will always be. His make up, of course, done just right. Red lipstick.
I would command of him to shave his head bald but due to vanilla issues, I have decided to allow him to wear a wig, of My liking, of course. Sometimes, I will make him wear a wig identical to My hair and we look like sisters, just having tea. However, I feel I am more attracted to blonds and this makes Me more horny – as truth is – who really wants to Domme your sister? 🙂 So the blond wig is also a popular choice.
So, in the end, after MANY outfit changes before heading over to the Fetish Ball with our friends. I decided it was best slave coco wear the blond wig, a pair of shiny dark metallic underwear, a pair of 5 inch heels, and My purple collar. He was told that he MUST dance and get Me into trouble. The good kind of trouble. You know the kind when you walk away and go volunteer for 3 hours and come back and there’s trouble to be had? That’s the best kind of trouble.
So like I said, I had other things to do, but when I arrived back to the ball, slave coco was still dancing just as he was told.
Here are some of the out fit changes before the fetish ball..

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