Setting up Pre-Session Meetings the next two weeks!!

Setting Up Pre-Session Meetings NOW !
I am setting up pre-session meetings to interview potential new subs over the course of the next couple of weeks. I will be traveling for some of these appointments and scheduling more than one appointment in a day.
To take Me out to have a pre-session meeting with Me, you must understand these appointments are for pro-sessions and I seek regular subs that I get along with well. Not all pre-session appointments mean you will start sessioning with Me, but it is a great way to figure out of we are a good fit as far as Mistress/sub.
However, If you waste My time, meaning you schedule something and then back out last minute leaving Me hanging, you will be talked about on this site and I will NEVER consider you seriously ever again. Please don’t waste My time. Schedule and cancel just as a normal decent human being would for anything.
To get the pre-session meeting with Me, it is required you fill out the online pre-session form. I will NOT respond to you seriously as far as pro-sessions if this is not filled out first. Thank you.
Mistress Lynne
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