School days

ive always had a great open relationship with my son, working from home helps that. I noticed for a few weeks he’s been in a foul mood, i asked him what was wrong and the typical answer from a 15 yr old “nothing” It continued and i continued asking. finally junior broke down and told me, “dad, school has been miserable for a while” “really son, tell me why” “well there’s this girl, Diana, she’s been picking on me” Now i thought really, a girl is picking on him, but i was supportive and asked what she was doing. She calls me names, she’s forcing me to carry her books to her classes and yesterday she made me wait in the lunch line for her food” “son, how is she forcing you to do this” Well shes so brutal to me and makes fun of me and she says she’ll be nice and stop embarrassing me if i do what she says” “i see and how old is this girl, ” “she is 16 yrs old, a grade higher, the kids are all laughing at me” So i gave my fatherly advice and told him to reason with her and ask her to stop. A few days passed and he came home a mess, i asked what had happened, he said he tried reasoning with her but she ignored him and then shoved him down and pushed his face in the mud. Now of course i didn’t want my son going through this but he had to fight his own battles. It continued for weeks, he said he was doing everything she said just to stop the abuse. Finally i had enough, i decided to surprise junior and pick him up from school one day. so i waited outside and i saw junior holding a bunch of books and following a couple of girls. His eyes lit up when he saw me, “dad, what are you doing here” “never mind junior is this Diana” before he could answer she did, “yes im Diana what do you care” “young lady you have a bad attitude and someone needs to put you in your place” She snarled back, “my attitude is fine old man so move out of my way” she yelled for junior to follow. “no-no, you don’t get to speak to me that way now junior drop those books” He had fear in his eyes but did as i told him” Diana approached, “listen old man, i don’t need you sticking your nose in my business, maybe you should carry my books” He friends chuckled, “no young lady i don’t think so, i don’t take orders from you and im going to speak to your mom.” “yeh ok old man” she walked away.
The whole way home, junior was upset with me but i was determined to teach this girl a lesson. I looked up her info from school directory and called her house, A women answered named LYNNE. I asked if i could come over and she sounded pleasant and said sure. The next day i went over, She again was pleasant asked me in and i sat down. I explained to her her daughters attitude and what she had been doing to my son. She listened, crossed her legs a few times distracting me. I explained that she was rude to me and needs to respect her elders. LYNNE looked at me, crossed her legs again, she was beautiful and her heels were distracting me. She looked me dead on, “are you done, good, it seems to me that your son already has realized what you don’t” i was perplexed, “what are you talking about” She seemed annoyed, “your son realizes my daughter is his superior and he should be honored to serve her” “are you serious, lady, now i know where your daughter gets it” She leaned back in her chair and put her heels in my lap, i had an instant hard on, “what do you think you’re doing” “im resting my feet on you and judging from that small little bulge you don’t mind” I was dumbfounded, i stuttered, “LYNNE, listen um um um listen” “SHUT UP, im tired of hearing you talk, ” i was silent, She looked at me, “good, you take orders well, you can be trained,” “trained, what do you mean trained” she was completely ignoring my comment, she pointed to her feet, “take my shoes off and massage my feet” “im not massaging your feet” she lifted her shoe and kicked me in the face, “im not asking, im telling now do it” Still in shock and my cock raging i gently took her shoes off and began massaging her feet. She smiled, “you losers are so easy to identify” she chuckled, I continued massaging, “good boy now put my shoes back on” i obeyed, she stood. “now kneel at my feet” i slinked out of my chair and knelt, She lifted my chin with her finger, “now what were you saying about my daughter, ” “nothing mam” she quickly slapped me, “MISTRESS LYNNE, not mam” “sorry, MISTRESS LYNNE” “good boy now i don’t think well have any issues in the future will we” “no MISTRESS LYNNE, were done” once agin she slapped me, “were done when i say were done, i want you to tidy up a bit since your here” i looked at her weird, she looked back, “is there a problem slave” “no MISTRESS LYNNE” “good so get too it” I spent the next hour cleaning the place, MISTRESS lounged on the couch. When i was done i approached, she pointed down and i knelt, “good boy” Just then the front door flew open and in walked her daughter, MISTRESS LYNNE spoke, “oh darling, just in time come here” she approached, “i believe you know mr Wilson here” “yes i do he was rude to me” “yes i heard, he understands his place now and he wants to ap[apologize” i looked at MISTRESS, she stared back, “go ahead slave, turn and apologize” i couldn’t believe it but i turned faced her daughter, “diana, im sorry for being rude to you” “PRINCESS” “what” “call me princess, now repeat” PRINCESS im sorry for being rude” she stuck her sneaker out, I looked at her, “kiss it” i looked at MISTRESS LYNNE, “well she’s waiting” i bent down and kissed her sneaker” she smirked, “loser” i hung my head, “mom im going up to my room” “ok Darling” MISTRESS looked at me, “your dismissed”.
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One thought on “School days

  1. The best thing about this story is truly what happened after My daughter went to Her room. Funny how you left that out since that was when I truly humiliated you had you carry My FemDom books around with your small dick. Ha-Ha. Who has the last laugh now? Why don’t you get to writing part 2 and then all will know what I did to train you in total submission to Me.

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