School days pt 3

MISTRESS LYNNE was pissed, “you stupid loser, i told you to oobey my daughter and you embarrassed her” “please MISTRESS LYNNE i obeyed her fully” “so now your calling her a liar, thats it strip now slave” i quickly took all my clothes off, She grabbed me by my hair and dragged me over to a chair and bent me over. She left for a second only to return with her crop She began hitting me hard, i tried to take as many as i could but after 20 i lost count and tears filled my eyes. At one point i looked at top of stairs and saw Diana laughing, She continued, my ass was red with welts. She finally stopped, i dropped and grabbed her ankle like a little baby and sobbed, “im so sorry MISTRESS LYNNE pease dont hit me anymore” She kicked my head away, “did you just give me an order slave” i shook my head vigorously, “no no i would never please” STAND UP loser” i stood, she took the crop and smacked my cock over and over . My body was about to give up, thankfully she stopped. She pointed to corner, “get over there now slave” i scurried there. She grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up. “hold out your arms NOW!!” I obeyed, she took book after book off the shelf and placed them in my arms, soon every book was in my arms piled higher than i could see. MISTRESS then whispered in my ear. “you will learn how to be a good book holder if it kills you, now stand here and dont move, if one book falls that last beating will be nothing” “YES MISTRESS LYNNE” she left the room, i have no idea how long she was goe, i could hear things but not see, i think it was hours but i heard MISTRESS talking so i knew she was in room, she ignored me.
Time went by, i think it was dinner time cause i could smell food and heard voices, I think they were sitting down for dinner, my arms ached, i know heard Dianas voice, they were eating dinner ignoring me. Diana did speak, “how long you going to keep him there mom, ” “i havent decided yet, depends on my mood” she chuckled, Dinner was over, Diana went out, MISTRESS watched Tv for a while then i heard her make a call saying she would meet someone for drinks. Out of the corner of my eye i noticed her oput her coat on and leave. I couldnt believe she left me there.
The sun was going down, my arms were aching, i shifted slightly it was getting tough. Soon it was dark, i estimate it had been about 6 hours i was holding books. The door opened, i felt a small sense of relief thinking my plight was over. I couldnt tell who it was but then suddenly Diana appeared, “hello slave” “hello PRINCESS” “how you holding up” “not good, my arms hurt” “suck to be you” she chuckled, She then starting looking at the books, “hmm, if i wanted to read this one then these other ones may fall, that wouldnt be good, for you at least” Tears welled up again, “please PRINCESS dont pull book out, please, im trying my best to obey please your mom will beat me sensless, please” she mocked me, “awwww your so cute when you beg” “please ill never ever disrespect you ever again, please” she started pulling book out , my heart sank but she stopped, “please no please ill do anything” she smiled and pushed book back in, “ill remember that slave, good night” she went upstairs. It was hours befor MISTRESS returned. She came home, she approached, “very good slave, i think your learning” “yes MISTRESS LYNNE” She walked over to her bag of tricks and got a feather, she began tickling my legs and balls, i shifted and struggled not to drop any books, She laughed, “you better not drop any slave” she continued teasing and tickling. “please please MISTRESS LYNNE” she stopped, ‘well i think youve done an allright Job slave, its late and im ready for bed so maybe its time to let you put them down” “thank you thank you MISTRESS, ” “i said Maybe slave dont get all happy, i think you need a little more training though so if you make it through the night ill realvaluate in the morning” my heart sank again, i watched helplessly as she walked upstairs, a few seconds later the light closed, now im naked, tired in the dark. But ill never drop a book again…………….
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One thought on “School days pt 3

  1. Now this is the kind of successful training that all new slaves can learn from. you there holding those books all day and all night, I can only wonder where your SON may be. You will need to show him just how wrong he was in NOT wanting to hold Princesses books at school. Get him back over because you and him will be holding books together. When Princess and I are ready, we are going to provide you with your own cage at the house. Yours will be right next to My bed and your son’s by Princess’s bed. I got a new book for you to carry!!! It’s big.

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