School days part 2 (as ordered by MISTRESS LYNNE)

as i was getting up to leave, i put my coat on and MISTRESS changed her mind. “slave get back over hear, i quickly knelt, ive been thinking and im a little pissed you were rude to my daughter, i mean carrying her books is a honor and i think you need to learn that. “yes MISTRESS LYNNE,” “good now follow me” I crawled behind her as she approached her bookcase, “stand up slave” i obeyed, She had stacks of books, she started taking them down and piling them on, i had like 15 books in my hand. “good now your job is simple, you follow me around today carrying the books and if one drops ill kick your ass understood” “yes MISTRESS LYNNE” She went back to couch to watch tv, I stood there for like an hour silent, She rose to go to kitchen i followed, she grabbed a drink and went to back porch, i followed, the books were getting heavy. She chatted on phone, ignoring me. While chatting she pointed down to ground, i slowly knelt making sure not to drop any. After a while she rose and went back inside, she was sitting on couch when her daughter came back down,
“whats going on Mom, ” “oh nothing darling, slave here is learning how to be a good book boy” “good maybe he could teach his wimpy son a few things, hes being real hesitant in carrying my books snce he stuck his nose in” “so you mean to tell me that your carrying your own books in school” “yes mom and their heavy” “well thats not right, tommorow loser here will carry your books” I gasped, “did i hear a noise coming from you slave” “do you know how embarrassing it will be for me to carry her books around, im a grown man MISTRESS” “well i do know and i dont care, your a loser whos standing in my living room holding my books so you will do it” “yes MISTRESS LYNNE” “next time dont stick your nose in where it dosent belong” Dianna smiled, Well i spent the next 3 hours carrying MISTRESS books. I went home that night with strict orders from MISTRESS to be back at 7 am to get Diana books.
I didnt sleep well that night, i had a choice and for some reason found myself at MISTRESS door at 645 am. “well hello, loser glad your here” i knelt and kissed MISTRESS LYNNES shoes, “good boy Dianna will be down in a few minutes, she will report to me after school so do not embarrass her slave” “yes MISTRESS LYNNE” A few minutes later Diana came down. “hello loser, ready to be my bitch today” “yes PRINCESS” “good, lets get something straight, I own your ass, you do as i tell you without hesitation understand and well be fine” “yes PRINCESS” MISTRESS hugged her, “have a good day honey” she walked over to the table and snapped her fingers, “come grab these” there were about 5 books, she looked at her mom, “2 of these classes i dont even have today” they both laughed, i grabbed books and followed her, 5 books wasnt too bad, i was nervous as we came to school, she met up with a few friends with me in tow, they remarked, ‘is that the guy from the other day” “yes it is, hes now my book bitch” she snapped her fingers “say hi to my friends slave” “hello ladies” they smirked, “ok ladies lets go to class, put your books in his hands and lets go” “Princess your mom didnt say anything about carrying their books” She stopped took out her phone, “what are you doing” “mom said call her if you give me a hard time” “no please i dont want her mad at me ill do it. She flipped her phone down and smiled. I followed the girls to their class. ” PRINCESs told me to wait in hallway until class was done. reaaly i thought, im standing waiting for her, how embarrasing but i didnt want the wrath of MISTRESS LYNNe. I spent the most humiliating day following her around. Mercifully school ended. PRINCESS was standing with her friends outside, i was standing behind them. There were a lot of people around, some staring. I decided to ask her a question, “PRINCESS may i speak,” “you may slave” “your going to tell your mom i was good and obeyed you all day right” she smiled and looked at her friends and looked at me, “not sure yet, i think i may tell her you were very disobedient” “but i wasnt PRINCESS” “really, and who do you think shes going to believe,” She looked at her friends, “you guys will vouch that he sucked today right” “sure Diana” “please PRINCESS, i just want your mom pleased with me, do you know what she will do to me if you tell her that” “yes i do, thats why your going to get on your knees and lick my shoes and tell everybody here how sorry you are for yelling at me yesterday” Her friends chuckled, “ok if i do it youll tell your mom the truth” “”yes” Before i could kneel she called a bunch of people over, I knelt and kissed her sneakers, i lifted my head and looked at crowd, im sorry PRINCESS for yelling at you yetsreday.” She smiled. After being embarrassed i was happy to follow her home. We came in i put the books down and knelt before MISTRESS LYNNE, “so slave did you have a good day” “yes MISTRESS i obeyed PRINCESS” she looked at her daughter, “well did he” “no mom, he was sloppy, dropped my books, was slow to carry them it was awful” MISTRESS LYNNE was pissed…………..
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One thought on “School days part 2 (as ordered by MISTRESS LYNNE)

  1. yes I was pissed!! But, submanct, you will come to learn that I knew My daughter was not truthful. I trained Her well and she is My princess, takes after your Queen. My desire to have a reason to punish you is strong and I was looking forward to your return from the highschool to continue your training with Me. I will have you aching to be by My side as My dog.

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