School days 3 ( as ordered by MISTRESS LYNNE)

MISTRESS LYNNE finally removed the books from my arms. “Slave you are dismissed but i want you here at tomorrow with your son for continued training” “my son MISTRESS?” “yes your son, both of you report to PRINCESS and I in the morning” “but ” “No buts, you have apologized to PRINCESS and he needs to apologize and be trained” “trained MISTRESS” She slapped me, “enough talking im tired of looking at you go on and be back at” I drove home thinking how was i going to convince my son about this. He was home when i got there. “hey dad, how did it go with Diana’s mom” “son we need to talk,” he sat down, “you trust me right” Sure dad” “ok well listen i was mistaken about Diana and her mom for that matter” “what, she’s a bitch” “no no no, she is not! Her and Her mom are special women and need to be treated with respect” “respect, you said” “forget what i said, i was wrong, now tomorrow morning you and i will be visiting them” “why dad” “well first you need to apologize then , well then, you trust me right” “yes sure” “and you know if i did something you could follow suit right” “sure dad, but im confused,” “just follow my lead tommorow and well be all right”
I didn’t sleep well at all that night, i had no idea how it was going to go the next morning. The time had come, My son and i arrive at their house, i was nervous, I rang doorbell, i looked at my son, “just keep an open mind, you’re going to be shocked but as i said they are special women” The door opened, it was PRINCESS, “hello PRINCESS” we stepped in, i knelt and kissed her shoes, “dad what are you doing” “just follow suit son” Princess jumped in, “yeh your dad finally understands now you need to- bitch- so get on your knees and kiss my feet” I motioned to him to kneel. He did so. Just then MISTRESS ENTERED, “oh good i see our pets are here” i crawled to Her and kissed Her heels, “good boy, now assume the position” I stood with arms out, my son watched in horror as MISTRESS loaded the books high, even higher than yesterday. Princess looked down at her pet, “your turn pet go stand next to him” he obeyed, she took out her book bag and piled them up. We were both stacked up, Princess and MISTRESS sat on couch admiring their pets, “how long you thinking MOM” “well not sure, let’s go shopping and well see what mood were in when we get back” “sure, shopping cures everything” The women left but before leaving MISTRESS looked me stern in the eye, “no talking slave” “yes MISTRESS LYNNE” They left. “dad whats going on” “ssshhh son MISTRESS said no talking”
They were gone for hours, my son was struggling, They returned late afternoon, “oh look honey our pets are still going strong” MISTRESS opened one of her bags and pulled out a couple more books she bought, placed them right on top, My arms were ready to give, “don’t you dare drop them slave” “no MISTRESS” she turned to her daughter, “go tell one of the other slaves were hungry and prepare us lunch” “sure mom” MISTRESS lounged and watched TV until slave had prepared dinner for her and Diana, They went and ate, she returned a while later. They stood there, “so PRINCESS do you think they’ve learned their lesson” “well i want mine mommy, i want to train him, you can do whatever you want with yours” “very well, take him” Princess approached my son, “put the books down pet” He obeyed, “on your knees and follow me” they disappeared into the other room. Mistress approached, “so your son will begin his new life now, would you like to put the books down” “yes MISTRESS LYNNE, PLEASE” “beg me, i get hot when useless slaves beg me” I began begging, she sat on couch closed her eyes and took it in as i groveled, “please please MISTRESS may i put books down, please please” She finally relented, “yes you may and kneel at my feet. I quickly obeyed, “i need to see if you have any use to me, gently take my shoes off and massage my feet. I gently took her feet and massaged them, i could hear whipping noises and some whimpering coming from the other room, “ooh sounds like your son is being trained properly” “yes MISTRESS” i gently massaged, “mm not bad, i may keep you around to be my personal slave” “i would love that MISTRESS LYNNE” “of course you would, it’s an honor but don’t get excited, one wrong move and ill put you in the barn with the rest of the losers” “yes MISTRESS” “Go get me a glass of wine” i quickly obeyed, I returned, knelt and handed her wine, She sipped as she smiled at her new slave. Just then from the corner of my eye i noticed Diana walking in with my son crawling behind, She sat down next to her mom, “hello Honey, does he understand now” “yes he does don’t you slave” “yes PRINCESS D” MISTRESS LYNNE smiled “good girl.” She ordered my son to get her an iced tea which he did, MISTRESS then sent me to bathroom to get a bag, i returned, “now slave, its time for some mommy daughter bonding, open the bag” i opened it, noticed nail polish, “now lets see you guys in action, paint my toenails and you paint hers” now we both were kneeling before our owners painting their toenails, the two women clicked glasses and smiled.
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