Lucky Room 7 – by open

i was told to dress as “macho” as possible, and to meet You at a motel. The request seemed simple enough, but as always, i had a lingering curiosity as to what was the catch in all of this. See, there *had* to be a catch, a reason why You were so absolutely cheerful in Your tone in that email. i hadn’t done anything wrong (or so i had thought), i realized that i had been doing everything right so far, just trying to be as attentive as possible, while accepting and appreciating my role. But there i was, in my tight dark purple deep v-neck t-shirt, with my most of my chest showing. i was also wearing tight blue jeans that allowed for the barest minimum of movement of my legs, my thighs, ass and calves straining against the denim. As well, i had worn my cowboy boots, just because. Clad in leather and denim, i felt as though i more than looked the part.
Also, per Your request, i had also Nair’ed my entire body, save my face. my moustache and eyebrows were still intact, but everything else was bare. It was a cool feeling that, as i walked down the pathway to the door without a number (it was between six and eight, so let’s call it seven…”lucky,” i thought…) i could really feel the cool breeze against the naked triangular square of my chest. As my boots clipped against the concrete, my breathing picked up. It always did just before a session with You. Every time, i thought i was so calm, so strong, so powerful and so in control, then just before i would be in Your presence, my heart would flutter. As i stared down, i heard my heart in my ears, something akin to a marching band playing the 1812 Overture. The fireworks that accompanied that overture were definitely going off in my head, a dizzying light-headedness registering as stars behind my eyes. i stared down and a single bead of nervous sweat was trickling from my bare right underarm, zipping down to my right palm. my stomach was visibly churning in time with my racing heart rate, and of course, there was my cock, straining against my jeans. Of course, You had asked me to not wear any underwear, so, there it was, eight inches extending down my thigh for the whole world (or just You) to see. i was a sight, and as i calmed myself, i stared at where that “7” once was on the door, and it reminded me of a memory of who i once was, and now who i ultimately had become. i smiled, sighed, and as i went to knock, the pressure from my first pushed the door open…and it begins…
There was a pale Caucasian male sitting directly in front of me, behind a round wooden card table. His brown eyes were fixed on the door. As i entered the room, i was stunned to see him, but knew better than to say anything to him. He looked serious and focused, not so much on me, but as i could look into his glare, he seemed focused on something more. He stood as i closed the door, and finally regarded my presence. He appeared to be about six feet tall. Thus, he was taller than me. As he stood, he carefully began to disrobe. He was dressed plainly, in a white t-shirt, khaki pants and white sneakers. His black hair was cut in a meticulous crew cut, the kind of cut that only a military man could have. As he took off his clothes, he appeared to be fresh from the military, his US Marine Corps bulldog on his chest, broad shoulders, slight paunch and rigid stance showing someone who was once a ripped, chiseled and jacked fighting machine, but was just not trying to maintain that look anymore. He was still impressively built, and, intriguingly enough, now fully naked in front of me, and now intensely staring a hole into me.
Six feet and 200 pounds of bulky white man now confronted me. He had that farmer-like workman’s tan happening, where his neck and forearms were golden, but the rest of him glowed under the dimmed lights. His cock was smaller than mine, maybe four inches, and was currently erect, and glowing as well, he also completely hairless save the hair on his head. As i took in his physique, i began to stand like him, at attention, hands by my sides, locking my stare with his. There was a knowing look in his eye at this point, as he was attempting to convey to me some sort of secret awareness of what he knew that was about to happen to me. As i tried to stare deeper into his glare to gain that definition, the lights suddenly shut off in the room.
i was in the dark with a naked man, but no Mistress anywhere in sight. i wanted to be calm, but i couldn’t be. i knew that he was involved in what was going to happen, but in what way? i closed my eyes, and attempted to prepare my body in every way i could. i measured my breathing and sent brain waves to my asshole, preparing it to be opened. i also began to relax my jaw, and open my mind even further. i thought, “well if i am to be used, then that is my calling, and it will make my Mistress happy, so accept the beauty in that.” As i was deep in thought, the quiet trickle that proceeds a torrential downpour began (almost poetically) outside. What felt like hours (but were actually minutes) passed, and i heard the door open. i stiffened, then heard a voice hot in my ear, whispering.
“Slave, i am here. you have been good, so tonight, you get a reward. However, it is ultimately my reward, and i wish to watch You be ravaged like never before. Accept all of this for me, from me, and by me. I control your pleasure, and your pleasure is ultimately My pleasure. I am not going to blindfold you, bind you or torture you, all I want to do tonight is sit, watch and be pleased.” “Yes, Mistress,” i said, as You flipped the light back on, and there was a man, who i now knew to be my tormentor, a man who was going to give me Your pleasure. i had no idea what that meant, but i knew i had to accept it.
You spoke to him. “Slave, strip him naked and see everything i want you to be in him. Fit, strong, masculine, and well-hung. Yes, he is smaller than you. So you should be embarrassed. i want you to love him, worship him and appreciate his form.” “open, this slave is going to please you for me. Accept whatever he does to you.” We replied “Yes Mistress,” in tandem, as You sat in the chair at the table, watching intently. You were dressed simply, in a simple purple blouse with golden buttons, blue jeans and tall black riding boots. While revealing nothing, You still appeared beautiful and, as always, in control.
It was that control that calmed the air. i had no idea what to do. This was foreign territory, as i stood there, looking so macho, waiting for possibly the most un-macho of moments to take place. The other slave walked toward me, and as he neared me, i closed my eyes. As he grabbed the bottom of my shirt and began to pull it over my head, my eyes opened and met his heated glare. He was motivated, and appeared hungry for my flesh in every way. Seeing You over his shoulder, staring intently with the hint of a devious smile curling on Your lips, i exhaled, and went with it. i had never seen a man in this fashion before. As he pulled off my shirt, he forcefully threw it to the floor, then set upon undoing my belt. We locked eyes, and as he began undoing the buttons on my fly, with both hands, we silently decided to go all out. my head became a blur as my pants were finally pulled down over my thighs. He grabbed my soft, yet well-formed ass in his thick, meaty hands, pulled me close, and then kissed me, his tongue entering my mouth, and his hold firming on my ass. From there, given that he was much larger than i was, he literally spun me around and threw me down back first on the bed behind him. my boots and jeans were slowly taken off, as he still maintained eye contact with me in a manner most wanton. i tried to not look completely afraid of the monster who was now straddling my sides, but i was. i could feel his small cock growing against my chest, as he cupped his hands behind my bald head and forced his tongue into my mouth again. i gasped and responded with mine, losing myself in the moment and placing my hands on his broad back. At this point i too began to become erect, and as the slave stopped straddling me and rolled off my chest, i was dazed, confused and naked in a hotel room. There was a man i did not know in a corner holding a small bottle of Astroglide, it was raining cats and dogs outside, the lights in the room were flickering, and Mistress, You had an enormous smile on Your face and Your right hand inside Your jeans. It was a moment that was instantaneously frozen in my head.
The slave returned, and i watched him squeeze a copious amount of Astroglide into his palm that he used to coat my asshole. His broad thumb was massaging my asshole, and as well, with my erection now at full mast, my nether regions began to tingle instead of feel, the tell-tale sign of blood rushing to one central location on the body. With a single firm thrust, i felt his thumb in my ass. It was hot and exciting, a pleasure that was wholly unexpected. The slave then stared with those hungry eyes yet again at my now glistening cock, and carefully lowered his mouth over it, his tongue licking the underside of my shaft. i gasped as the cock sucking began in earnest. He was amazing at this act, his tongue licking and sweeping around the circumference of my cock, his lips occasionally sucking and pulling up the length of my penis. The combination of everything was getting so hot, until finally, i could hold back no more, and i came. Somehow, he caught every drop, and as i was waiting for milky liquid to seep from the corners of his lips, instead he carefully disengaged first his thumb (causing my body to heave, and then relax) then remove his lips from my cock. Spent, it nestled against my thigh, as the slave then leaned over me, and began to drool my semen in a line up my chest, toward my mouth. Then, without any hesitation, we locked eyes and kissed the sloppiest and wettest of kisses. Our tongues, my semen, our hands then grabbed each others shoulders, a thick film of my semen now locking our chests together like some sort of intensely perverse glue. As our lips and bodies were locked, i stared over the shoulder of the slave now licking my neck, and i saw You looking unusually relieved and overjoyed, slumped deep into the chair, boots up on the table. Not just stimulated, You looked satiated and in heaven.
“Slaves,” i heard You say, in a dreamlike voice, “Mistress is happy, but open, I think Your boy toy needs relief, too?” “slave, would You like to cum?” “Yes Mistress,” “the military man said, with a renewed gusto and vigor.” You continued, “slave, i want You to stand up at attention.” “Yes Mistress,” he said, as he stood at attention, his cock at attention too, pointing ahead and slightly bobbing in anticipation.” “open, i want for You to get on Your knees and service him for me. slave, when you are ready to cum, i want you to cum on my boots, and open, you know what to do from there.” “Yes Mistress,” we said, as i stared up at my prior tormentor and set upon his cock with rapid fire flicks of my tongue. i knew nothing would pleasure You more than for him to explosively cum on Your boots, the type of orgasm that would leave me licking seemingly forever at Your feet. i continued licking while having these thoughts, and i too became hard. As i began to lick and suck his small cock with great effort, i felt Your hand busying with my cock, pulling and teasing slowly, and, without having to be told, i began to lick and suck at the slave, still with hungry intentions, but at a tempo matching what Your hands were doing to my penis, too.
At this moment, there was a comforting silence. i was licking and sucking, You were pulling at my cock with Your right hand. and occasionally slapping my buttocks with heavy, yet not painful whacks of Your left hand, and it was clear that in the midst of this, the lights had been knocked out from the storm. The storm was over, and the only light in the room was seeping through the cheap curtains in the hotel room. The room was draped in the orange glow of the sunset, and everything was equally at peace, yet on the edge of explosion.
At this moment, i grabbed the calves of the slave who was fucking my face with great force, and to save myself from choking, i dislodged his cock from my mouth, and began sucking his balls. His calves steeled in time with my tongue flicking and nibbling, and suddenly, You stopped stroking my cock and grabbed my by the throat, with a firm grip, pulling me from the slave’s very hot and now purple-headed cock.
“Slaves, when i sit down, i want You to keep jerking Your cocks until You cum on my boots.” You sat, and stared at both of us, as we kneeled at Your feet. We both began to furiously masturbate ourselves, and almost simultaneously, streams crossing, thick cum began to cover the tops of Your boots. Once we were both spent, we began to hungrily lick, his semen was my semen, my semen was his semen, we didn’t care. We licked, swallowed and ate with pride, then, once finished, we both curled at Your feet. As i hugged the bottom of Your boot, i began to kiss it, staring up at You, the sun slowly slipping away. Though i could not see Your eyes, i knew that my submissive connection to You was so much deeper than anything that Your glance could convey.
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