Revised Slave Contract

A month spent in Captivity, Chastity, & Complete Servitude is something i believe all males should experience..what a world it would be! No war, sane political systems, ethical business practices, more compassion.. But i digress.. My month at Mistress Lynne Mansion was the making of me, both spiritually and emotionally.. Being caged, whipped, caned, fucked, humiliated, put to work, & denied sexual release made me Recognize; then Embrace; and finally CRAVE The Ultimate Truth of Female Superiority!

i confess to mixed feelings as it came to an increasingly large part of me DIDN’T want it to end..

Mistress Nica arrived as arranged though, and She had the key to my freedom at the ready, dangling on a thin chain around Her neck. i bowed down to kiss Her Boots, and exclaimed how absolutely wonderful it was to see Her again. She replied that She was also Pleased to see me (wonderful!), and that Mistress Lynne had kept Her fully appraised of my progress over the past month..It was overwhelming to be in The Presence of such Regal Superiority..

There was a knock at the door and i felt a flash of devastation that this Sublime Moment in Time might be interrupted..

It was Mistress Magenta who entered the room..She had changed in the past month – a new hairstyle, dyed red, dramatic make up and stunning attire…but it was Her newfound Aura that was most much so that it took two or three seconds for me to realise the jock on his hands and knees that Mistress Magenta had on a collar and chain. “So this is the famous Rocco” Mistress Lynne laughed.. Mistress Nica sat astride his back, and rode Rocco into the room.. “Kneel!” Mistress Magenta barked, and then each Beautiful Goddess slapped Rocco’s face and spat into his mouth.

Mistress Lynne buckled up Her Strap On..” May I?” She asked Mistress Magenta. “Yes Mistress Lynne, of course!”.. All three Majestic Females fucked Rocco orally and anally untill he was whimpering.. They Whipped him, and then bound him with yard after yard of electrical tape – the final section of the roll used to secure a large funnel in his mouth.. “You are going to swallow PISS Rocco..LOTS of it!”.. “But first, you need to see how a man should properly please a Lady”.. Mistress Magenta lay back on the couch and raised Her skirt..and i knelt Before Her to perform Reverent Worship..

That evening, – one month to the minute – Mistress Nica took the key from around Her neck.. “You have fulfilled your Contract WELL slave”

“Here is a NEW Contract, if you wish to sign it” said Mistress Magenta..”Read it and decide..” i began to read, and looked up at Mistress Lynne. Her Eyes burned into me.. The New Contract stated that i would be Owned by Mistress Lynne for a period of twelve more months..that i would accept this Ownership without reservation, and would EXIST for Her Divine Pleasure & Amusement..

One sub clause that excited me very much was that as my Owner, Mistress Lynne is at liberty to loan or give me to other Superior Females..

The three Goddesses clapped as i tearfully declared i would be Honoured to sign.. They clapped again and laughed as Mistress Magenta led me through a guided masturbation in order to ‘seal’ the document with slave cum..

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