True Report for Mistress Nika

Mistress Nika, here is the report on my assignment last night.

I have shook up shaving cream before and squirted it down my cock and then milked and squeezed it out.

I took the eye dropper and squeezed the air out and drew up a little of an Icy Hot equivalent. About a 1/2 an inch or so. Then started to insert it into my cock. The first part of the eye dropper is very narrow so no problem but then it widens out and with no lub etc I had to use a screwing motion to get it further in until it was all the way down and could feel it down in my cock. I squeezed the bulb and first felt a coolness as it went into my pee hole.

I had shaving cream can shook up and then injected my cock with shaving cream and filled my cock with it and the Icy Hot equivalent started really burning. In stead of using your string you sent me I used 2 bread tie wraps twisted together to lengthen them and wrapped them around the head of my cock I I had taken my cock ring off). I then started to twist the wire tie wraps around the head and kept on twisting them as it tightened around my cock until a little pain was felt.

I looked at my watch and waited for the 20 minutes as my cock was really burning inside as I thought of you. The burning did subside and I tried to piss out of my cock before taking the tie wraps off to see if I could and found I could piss a Little of the shaving cream which now was more like a milky pee so probably didn’t get the wraps tight enough and my cock was still the same color.

I undid the tie wraps and then pissed and everything was OK except I still had a little burning sensation deep in my cock. I then stroked and played with my cock and finally squirted out my cum as I was imagining you observing everything. I thank you for the opportunity to cum also.

I write this this morning and my cock feels OK with no problems and hope you accept my report!

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2 thoughts on “True Report for Mistress Nika

  1. icy hot inside the cock is a great thing to experience for pain by a sissy. it has been done often by this sissy as well as icy hot all around the cockhead while stoking which is a tremendous burning pain and a lot on the top of a dildo as it is pushed inside the ass, also major burn, which a sissy should endure for Mistress

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