The best emails to Mistress Lynne from the last 48 hours. :) ENJOY!!!

Thank you so much forgetting back to me Mistress Lynne. I am truly honoured. I guess one day I would love to serve 24/7/365 never really thought it was a reality. I think I would love it in the USA. Been to Disneyland before and there was me thinking that was fun lol. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend. And a nice cup of tea. Thanks for your time. Mistress Lynne
Mistress Lynne, Spent the day thinking about my little cock on display in your gallery.
Still not sure why after reading measuring instructions I just did it and sent picture for humiliation. Got to admit I’ve had a few panic attacks thinking about what you’d be able to do with me now.
Hello Miss, I am a 20 years old slave from Saudi Arabia. I study Finance. My dream is to become a Permanent toilet slave for the rest of my life. I have experienced piss drinking many times. I am ready to travel and leave my existing life. Also I am ready to provide a picture of me. Please tell me if you
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