Obey Your Mistress !

Rules of Mistress Lynne

1. I prefer to be called “Goddess” if your wish is to serve Me.

2. Conduct yourself in a subservient and gracious manner at all times.

3. Upon the arrival of your Goddess, kneel.

4. When Kneeling, ask permission to rise.

5. Always respond to your Goddess formally.

6. Always desire to please your Mistress.

7. Do not touch your genitals unless ordered to.

8. Be obedient. Disobedience is punished and excuses are not put up with. Don’t waste the time of your Goddess.

9. Honesty and Respect, please.

10. Commitment. It must be your own personal desire to become a sub/slave of your Goddess. This can not be forced.

11. Trust. You must trust your Goddess. I will always honor your privacy.

12. Loyalty. Commit yourself to your Goddess. Do not stray unless you have expressed permission. If you want to stray, simply ask for your release.

13. Willingness. To try things you haven’t before, taken beyond your limits, and learn how to properly serve your chosen Goddess

15. You must satisfy every order of your Goddess quickly, preciously, and on time.


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29 thoughts on “Obey Your Mistress !

  1. Thank you for your consideration Mistress Lynne. I am honored that you would possibly consider me to be your slave.

  2. Could No 14 be ?

    To me you will be nothing more than property, for me to use in any way I may wish for my pleasure.

    For example, as a replicate for my unwanted waste products.


  3. I come kneel naked before You, bowing my head to Your feet. Hello Mistress Lynne, I’d rather You know me first, before I assume You will except me as a submissive.

    • Too many slaves assume that a Mistress automatically will except them for what they are. Rule 16 only applies if you worthy in her eyes to except you or not. Assuming only makes an ass out of us not her. I’m tired of seeing male submissives kiss ass to be a Mistresses submissive instead of just saying “hi how are You”, and giving her the choice.

  4. I understand everything Mistress Lynne and it will be my pleasure to submit to you and belong to you so you can use me any way you like to

  5. thank you for your considertoo mistress this slaves desires to be trained to your will and wishes to please you

    • I am already in a pink spiked clitty cage for female Supremacy i want to serve as a maid and know it’s my place my cage makes it so I can’t be inside any woman nor should I be

  6. As always, Goddess makes it crystal clear what she expects from her subs/slaves. I would be interested should a sissymaid position become available

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