permission – cum mixed with pee.

Oh Mistress Lynne!
Thank You for Your Beautiful & Most Encouraging Reply..
i read Your Blog every single day, and so i know what a busy time it is for far from being “Sorry” Mistress, i implore You to Know that i feel incredibly humbled and grateful that You reply..
What i am about to write may seem as if i am attempting to elicit yet ANOTHER response..i kneel to declare i am aware how needy (& manipulative) some ‘slaves’ can try to be, and that i truly write with no expectation Mistress..
Last Friday, i shot a load of semen into a wine glass (i have remained chaste ever since..) and then filled it with my piss. i drank this in Heartfelt Connection With The Goddess Mistress Lynne..i now BEG to replicate this Incredible Connection..i BEG to cum again Beautiful Mistress and i BEG to swallow this, and drink my piss as if it were YOUR Precious Nectar my Queen!!
i BEG to begin the infusion of Mistresses Nika and Kira into my slave psyche..
Perhaps to introduce into my storytelling slavery to You Mistress Lynne?..
i BEG Your Reply ONLY if You wish..
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