A true story from My unworthy money slut !! Enjoy

Dear, Mistress Lynne, I had always been interested in financial domination, but had never gone past just browsing the web for “findoms” and briefly looking through their sites. Then one day I stumbled upon Mistress Lynne’s website during one of my average sessions looking for financial dominants. I began looking through her site and its pages and a feeling that I had never had before while on financial dommes sites came over me. I knew after a short while of looking at her website that I needed to submit to Mistress Lynne.

The next night I texted Mistress Lynne asking her how I should give her the money that I had on me at the time. She directed me to immediately go and buy her a Walmart gift card and that I would not be allowed to masturbate until this task was complete. When I was in Walmart purchasing the gift card for her I was fully erect the entire time (fully erect is only 5-6 inches for me, not able satisfy a goddess like Mistress Lynne) and I felt nervous but had adrenaline rushing through my blood. I finally bought the $100 gift card for her and sent her the information for her to use the card. Shortly after doing this I received a text from Mistress Lynne saying, ‘I just spent all your money’. A flood of emotions rushed over me upon reading this but I knew that this was what me and my money were for and that was and is pleasing Mistress Lynne. I am writing this fully under her control and dominance and couldn’t be happier than I am right now. I have only just begun contact with Mistress Lynne, but plan on giving everything I have to her to please her and her divinity.

Your Pay Servant,


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This Chastity Cage just approved and mailed by Me for My next “30 Day Chastity Challenge” game player!

As you all know, I have a game I like to play called the “30 Day Chastity Challenge”. Pretty much, it is a game. You go into chastity for Me for 30 days and you have to PAY your way out if you want out early. If you make it 30 days, you win. So there is motivation on both sides to play. This is a game you can play from a long distance but all chastity devices and the lock comes to Me first for approval after finding the one that best suits you. This is My latest player’s device before I sent it off to his home. Wish him luck. 🙂


Mistress Lynne 2/7/17


(972) 885-9663

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A true story of a little tiny dicked man serving Mistress Lynne – enjoy!!

Thanks to Mistress Lynne I’ve finally found the perfect use of my little 4 inch at full erection excuse for a cock.
My Wife’s gone of marital sex. Who can blame her, she often says my cocks so small and cums to quick it’s not worth the effort. I started to Google for excitement and by luck found Mistress Lynnes blog. At 4 inches it’s not much use compared to the 10 inches she request but she does enjoy teasing little ones. Over the past couple of years though Mistress has hypnotized me into featuring in the blog wearing my wife’s purple panties. How nice my soft 1 inch looked.
I’ve just cannot resist to view the blog and all the tales and large cock pictures. I have tried to stop but cannot. This week I mailed Mistress to offer more blog pictures of my little cock. Yes it turns me on being humiliated. Mistress replied to my surprise to say likes gifts and would consider if I purchased a gift of a certain value. After several e-mail exchanges I was instructed that I was to send her the code to an Amazon gift card. This would please her most being free to pick her own gift. Little was I to know the effect this was to have on my little cock. It was soon very erect and yes I was now masturbating to the thought that by sending Mistress a gift card code she would be so pleased.
Each time thoughts entered my mind I got as big and hard erection I’d had in along time. It felt so nice so I was masturbating several times. I stopped on my way home from work to purchase the said value gift card. I had a semi hard cock all the time. In the shop I could only purchase a card just short of Mistresses request and didn’t have enough cash for two but this would have been well over the minimum value for Mistress to consider my pictures. Once home I revealed the code on the card photographed it and e-mailed the picture to my Mistress. I was soon masturbating to the point of shooting precum about what I’d done. Later in the evening Mistress sent me a thank you e-mail for the gift card saying she had purchased 2 of 4 gifts she wanted and was waiting on a second card to complete the 4 items. As soon as the words in the mail entered my mind my cock was rock hard and I’d knew I had to do as instructed. The next morning I woke with the erection of all erections thinking about pleasing my Mistress with the purchase of a second gift card. I was soon masturbating again and again. Mistress at this point I think has now opened up my mind and taken control of my masturbation and wallet. Within afew hours of being up I’d made an excuse to my Wife so I could return to the shop and buy my Mistress the gift card that will please her. My little cock was erect all the time. I was soon photographing the gift card code and e-mailing to my Mistress. My little cock was so hard with thoughts of being able to please my Mistress.
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Mistress Lynne Fan Mail, enjoy!

I saw your profile picture and had to see the rest of your pictures and read your profile after seeing it. Lovely pictures, but I did stop because of your profile picture. No offense, I don’t have my glasses on and I didn’t see you were sitting on a swing at first. So when I first saw your picture I figured, If anyone can stand like that for a picture, they have my attention. Seriously though, nice pictures.


I just saw Your profile.
I am an experienced submissive seeking to please,serve and worship a glorious Mistress.
Ultimately should Mistress want a FLR level 3 I would certainly comply.
I live a wonderful vanilla life and I am rather alpha in my business affairs.
I look forward to hearing from You


I would like to come meet you and more importantly become your slave while and during the time I am with you.. I read a guy who wrote some stuff about how to break a slave and he said or wrote that a slave who is naked at all times, put in bondage at random thru the course of a day, like hung up tight or tied up tight to a ladder.. rendered totally unable to move and then his ass beaten HARD with no warm up at all.. for 30 minutes each session will feel a lot more pain, become more broken than the slave who gets to warm up and get his endorphins rushing.. and that this sort of method breaks a slave faster and further when made to cum right before this beating takes place also then gives up the sexual energy and focuses more on the slave energy… what do you think.. ?


Hello Goddess , I wanted to ask if I can be you personal bitch/slave ?


Dear Mistress Lynne,

I am seeking to meet new people in the scene and subsequent play partners with a view to possible LTR.

My interests are more on the sensual side of being dominated by a Goddess.

I am in the city most every Tuesday and Wednesday.

I have a substantive foot fetish and shoe dangling fetish. I even go as far as fantasizing about women wearing dr scholl’s exercise sandals. Bet you’ve never heard that before!

would you consider conversing with me more please.


Would you accept me to be your sex slave mistress


I wish I was your naked male servant. From when you walked in the door to when you left, kissing your hand and feet as a greeting to having all the chores done, to goddess worshipping you. I am sure you would have me trained to be the perfect pet to present to your friends. You look amazing in purple, the color of royalty. In my free time I would workout as much as possible to maintain a physique that you could enjoy to use and look at. I am sure you can monitor my workout sessions too. Having your dinner, breakfast and lunch ready and brought to you. Getting you drinks, and serving it to you. Furthermore entertaining you by dancing for you as the naked toy that I am

A trained naked boy making the most of his ability so that he’s Goddess can live life to her potential

I wish I was closer to you Mistress Lynne 🙂 do you ever do any online skype play? I would certainly be your naked dancing toy at your pleasure


Hi Mistress Lynne,
I guarantee I’ll be the best cfnm sub you will ever have. No shy at all, love to please and take excellant care of my body. Let’s talk so you can tell me what you have in mind for me.


Are you into really huge white monsters?

biggest on the site here
12 x 8,5 soft and 14 x 9,5 hard

what do you think?


I consider myself to be an alpha male and not a full (or pitiful) submissive BUT…if we had decent chemistry, I would love to serve you thus, Mistress Lynne 777!. Certainly I would love to submit to a job interview in person to see if I might suit your needs! 🙂


I have experience serving a a mature domme as her house boy. For as long as I can remember I’ve always been extremely attracted to older dominant women. I used to arrive strip naked and she would put a butt plug in me. From there I’d clean the kitchen, bathroom and dining room. I’d vacuum and dust as well. Sometimes she’d have me wear a sissy maid uniform. After I was done cleaning she’d have me shower and then orally worship her until she climaxed at least twice. She would then tie me up, spank me, tickle me and milk me. We never had sex and I would come by 1-2 times a week. Unfortunately she moved and Ive been seeking a houseboy position ever since. I am an exhibitionist I love cfnm scenarios and submitting sexually. I love to serve and pamper dominant mature women too. I’m absolutely fine with just cleaning naked too. I thoroughly enjoy serving and I follow directions well. I hope to hear from you soon 🙂


Please allow this slave to be YOUR slave and property and toilet and cumdump and dog bitch forever GODDESS. i am clean and obedient and very submissive. i will exist to pleasure and serve and be used as YOU wish forever;if YOU wish GODDESS



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